Berean Bible Corner

Welcome to the Berean Bible Corner website. The name relates to the people mentioned in Acts 17:10, 11. Here were people more noble than other disciples or Christians, because they gave themselves to searching the scriptures. We trust you are such a Berean person.

You will find studies of a different nature, much of which is related to Daniel and The Revelation; also a chapter by chapter annotation of the Old Testament book of Ezekiel, because this book relates much to the last book of the scriptures The Revelation.

There is a series of 30 studies making the Teachings of the Bible plain and simple with interest for people who are new to the Bible; individual studies such as on One Taken and the Other Left; women’s ordination for church eldership; studies of a general nature; history related to Bible prophecy, and many others.

We trust you will enjoy this website. God bless you in your individual Bible research for truth and learning the way of salvation.

You will also find links to other Bible study websites recommended by this website.

Pastor Jan T  Knopper