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Chapters 1-20

(The KJV version is used if other versions are used it will be indicated) 
Chapter 1

vs.1-4 date and place, in the land of the Chaldeans by the river Chebar and among the captives.

The heavens opened and he saw visions Isaiah had a throne vision, Isa.6

Daniel saw visions from heaven, Dan.10, he saw a Man clothed in linen

John on the Isle of Patmos had a heavenly vision, Rev.1:12-14; ch.4 and 5

All three had similar visions of heaven and a similar person. Both books,

Ezekiel and Revelation open with throne visions and the first part of the

Sanctuary, the holy place where we find the golden candlestick

Vs.4. whirlwind out of the north.

North see Psalm 48:2 The Creator residing on Mt.Sion, God, the True King of

the North, against the false Anti-Christ king of the North.

Isa.41:25 (and 2) salvation from the NORTH and the rising of the sun, East.

Dan.11:40 The counterfeit King of the North also comes like a whirlwind

Papal Rome, Anti-Christ

Isa.14:13   Satan desired to sit in the North, the place of God.


vs.5  four living creatures

See Rev.4:6-8; 5:6, 8, 11

Images:    Ezekiel 1:10               Ib.10:14                           Rev.4:7

man                           cherub                              lion

lion                            man                                  calf

ox                               lion                                  man

eagle                          eagle                                eagle

These four could represent the 4 gospels:

Matthew. The Son of Man has come to give His life 20:28

Mark        The gospel with speed, Eagle, straightway/immediately, 1:12

Luke         Announces Jesus as the one from David, the royal line, royal 2:11

and like the Lion of Judah Rev.5:5

John         Says Behold the Lamb of God, divine sacrifice, Calf. John 1:29


A Throne Vision

vs.13 burning coals of fire   Hebr.1:7;12:18; Rev.1:14,15

Fire for cleansing Jer.20:9

Consuming fire 2 Thess.1:8

Dan.7:9 Daniel and the throne vision

vs 20 full of the Spirit         Isa.11:2; Rev.4:5

vs.24 voice like waters        Rev.1:15; 19:6


The Lord speaks with a voice like many waters.

Papacy speaks as sitting on many waters; Rev.17:1, 15


vs.25 Ezekiel sees likeness of  a  Man in the throne

Daniel saw a Man coming to the throne, 7:13


vs.28 the appearance of the rainbow as in Rev.4:3;10:1


What Ezekiel sees is in similar manner seen by Daniel and John the apostle.


Chapter 2 & 3

In Testimonies to Ministers by Ellen G.White p 213/4 counsel is given

to read Eze.2 and 3.

The commissioning of Ezekiel in ch.2:2 see Daniel’s experience in 10:11-13

vs.8 Ezekiel not to be rebellious against this charge.

vs.7 speak if they hear or not, 2Tim.4:1-4 speak at all times

vs.10 a book given written inside and outside

Rev.5:1 John was given a book written inside/outside

8b, 3:1-3 Ezekiel is asked to eat the book Rev.10:9 John was asked to eat the book.

In both cases it tasted sweet like honey.

Psalm 119:103 God’s word sweet as honey

Vs.5/6 Israel is compared with the surrounding nations.

The nations may have listened if they had heard what Israel was told.

Jesus compared Israel of His time with other nations,

Luke 10:13; 11:32; Matthew 11:21


3:8/9 to be strong, harder than a flint; see about Jesus in Isa.50:7

Not to show any fear, to be firm


3:11  speak to those in captivity;

God’s last message to those in end time Babylonian captivity, Rev.18:1-4

Luther wrote his book THE BABYLONION CAPTIVITY, the church

in the dark ages, in the wilderness, Rev.12:14

3:12/13 the noise of wings, like wind, the Spirit came and took him up.

Acts 2:2 rushing of a mighty wind when the Spirit came

3:15   quiet for 7 days; deeply impressed

Job’s friends deeply impressed for 7 days, Job 2:13

Daniel was under deep impression for 21 days, 10:2

In Daniel 4:10 he could not speak for a full hour

John was also deeply impressed because of what he saw and heard,

Rev.1:17; 19:10; 22:8


3:20 put a stumble block before them

Rev.3:19 I rebuke and chasten

For stumble block see Strong Conc. nr.4383 Theol.Wordbook OT nr.1050c

Put something in the way to call their attention”

1Pet.2:8 Christ a stumble block to Israel, they did not listen

nor obey, Isa.8:14

3:18-21 finds a repeat in chapter.18

E.G.White quotes this passage of Eze.3:18-21 in Test.vl.1-313 as a warning against being an unfaithful watchman.


3:27   sounds like…………………………..Rev.22:11

he that hears                                        he that is just

let him hear                                         let him be just

he that refuses                                     he that is filthy

let him refuse                                      let him be filthy



Chapter 4

vs.1-3 The prophet is asked to portray the fall of Jerusalem and how it will be


Those already in Babylon captivity not given any hope that Jerusalem will be


Ezekiel to lie down on left/right side a number of days. See SDABC 4-589/90

Day for a year principle, vs.4:6.  See Dr.Shea’s  explanation, D/R vol.1-56

vs.7-13 what he has to eat/drink during these days on his side.

vs.14    why Ezekiel refuses God’s instruction.

Daniel and his friends refused to defile their bodies, Daniel 1:8

Acts 10:14 why Peter refused God’s instruction regarding eating.

For not defiling see Exod.22:31; Deut.23:13; 2Cor.6:17, 18 & 7:1

vs.16, 17 the siege of Jerusalem would be a terrible ordeal for the people.



Chapter 5

vs.1-4 another act to illustrate Jerusalem’s demise.

V s.5-11 reason why this happens to Jerusalem:

she was set in the midst of the nations to be a light but instead,

               she has rebelled and has been wicked more than the nations

                    This is repeated in vs.6b

              the nations also have not kept God’s statutes, but Jerusalem more, vs.7

              the Lord will do something He has never done and will not do again,vs.9

             the terrible nature of the judgment , cannibalism would take place, vs.10

             they have defiled the Sanctuary with their abominations, vs.11

                      The Little Horn would do similar in later times,

as told by Daniel in ch.8:11, defilement of God’s heavenly sanctuary.

vs.12 why the one third as mentioned in vs.2, and what will happen to the various

groups, “one third”,  of people

vs.13-17 God’s judgments further described.


Jerusalem would be astonishment to the nations, vs.15

Modern day Babylon, the apostate church, also would be an astonishment to the

nations see Rev.18:9,10,16,19;  3x  alas

              Rev.3:20 the Thyatira church; and the first beast of Rev.13 speaking blasphemy;

The 3rd and 4th horse of Rev.6 is a time of darkness, black and pale.

As a literal famine came over OT Jerusalem so would a spiritual famine come

over the NT apostate church, time of the dark ages, church in the wilderness.

Read the letter to the Thyatira church in Rev.2:18-23 compared with time of

Jezebel, wife of King Ahab and also remember the black and pale horse of

Rev.6:5-8, apocalyptic descriptions of the apostate church.

No one stood by OT Jerusalem in her time of judgment

No one will stand by NT apostate church; Dan.11:45; Rev.17:16; Job.34:20

She will come to an end without any helper.


Chapter 6.

More descriptions of divine judgments, and Jerusalem’s demise.

This is before the start of the 70 years captivity

vs.3 Symbolically  the Lord speaks to the mountains ,hills, ravines and valleys, of

Israel. Eze.36:1, 4, 8

The various society levels of Israel are being addressed.

All are in a state of apostasy, and under divine judgment for their sins.

It will all be broken down, as it will happen with the apostate church in Rev.18


vs.8 but there will be a remnant left, some will escape

In the end-time some will escape, Dan.11:41; Rev.12:17; Isa.1:9; Zeph.3:12, 13

Also in the Thyatira church period was a faithful “rest” or remnant, Rev.2:24.

There are similarities between OT apostate church and the NT one,

In both cases a remnant will survive.

Apocalyptic Babylon of Revelation is NT Israel/Jerusalem which started good in

its infant days , apostolic times, but became spiritually corrupt and fell into deep

apostasy,  The white horse of Rev.6 becomes a pale horse.

Paul raised his warnings in Acts.20:29, 30 and it did happen.



Chapter 7.

This is a comprehensive description of coming judgment over Jerusalem.

No one living in sin and iniquity will escape.

vs 2 disaster  upon the four corners.

Rev.7:1 angels holding the winds on the four corners to prevent the final disaster

vs.14 they have blown the trumpet and did not listen.

Could this refer to the prophets to whom they have not listened?

2Chron.36:15, 16

Jesus tried to wake them up in His time, Matth.23:34-37

vs.17      weak knees and being feeble.

Belshazzar became weak seeing the handwriting, Dan.5:6

vs.19   gold and silver lost its value, James 5:1-3; EGW in 3T549

Rev.18:11-13 the valuables of the last days of no value anymore

vs.27   according to SDABC  4p.596 this expression  ye shall know, 88 times in


In these judgments the Lord will make Himself to be known

Rev.16:5-7 during the plagues an angel declares the knowledge of God and

His justice.


Chapter 8.

vs.1, 2 the Holy One again appears to Ezekiel.

The description similar as in ch.1 and what Daniel and John saw.

Abominations in the sanctuary by the leaders and priests

vs. 11 the 70 elders performing their abominations in the dark

Vs.14 Tammuz worship, pure idolatry in the sanctuary, false worship in opposition

to the true one.

The L. Horn of Dan.8:11 introduces false worship, in opposition

vs. 16 The 25, priests and high priest, performing greater abominations, towards

the east, sun worship.

See 2Chron.36:14 polluting the House of the Lord with heathen


Rev.17:3, 4 the last day apostate church is also full of abominations


Chapter 9.

The sealing process according to Ezekiel.

The HE of ch.8 continues in ch.9.

Who is this HE?

See ch.8:2,3a and 9:8: The Lord God is the HE

vs.2 The scene is coming forth from the temple/sanctuary

vs..2,  6 Six men coming forward to render judgment.

Like in Rev.15:6 seven angels coming out of the temple to render judgment

vs.2 they are standing besides the brazen altar, sacrifice (Exod.27)

vs.2 the direction is North again, the side of God.Eze.1:4;8:3

THE  NORTH, God’s place in His temple, from where judgments will come

Then and now.

North is also the place where the man of sin resides, Dan.11:40;

2 Thess 2:4.The place of apostasy and abominations, in the temple.

In Ezekiel’s time the Chaldeans/Babylonians came from the North, Jer 1:14

In Revelation, apocalyptic Babylon is the apostate church

There is also interplay between East and North, Isa.41:2, 25

The sealing angel in Rev.7 comes from the East

The real King of the North, the Lord of Hosts, is seen in Rev.16:12 as the

real King(s) of the East.


vss2-4 one of the six men is called to do a special work of sealing/marking.

He is commanded to go through Jerusalem and to mark special people.

Paul in Eph.4:30 speaks about the Holy Spirit doing a sealing work,

Jer.B.  by whom you are marked

                      NASB by whom you are sealed

                           Moffatt same;

                     Berkeley by whom you have been sealed with a seal

                         Also same in Dutch and French translations

Ezekiel does not indicate the kind of seal or mark placed on the people of


Extra note: comparing Eph.1:13 with 4:30 it seems that the Holy Spirit

seals,  by Whom (4:30), but also seals Himself upon the

believer ye were sealed with that Holy Spirit  (1:13)

We are told they are a peculiar people, sighing and crying, see vs.4


Jeremiah was asked to go through Jerusalem and seek, Jer.5:1

Jesus said in Luke 14:23 to go into the highways and hedges and seek

The Lord knows who are His, 2Tim.2 is: 19, He can read the seal, mark.

Judgment starts with the house of God, 1Peter.4:17

One of the six men out to execute judgment, is doing a saving work,

to mark or to seal the faithful remnant.

In Rev.21:9 one of the 7 angels involved in executive judgment in the last

Days, has the privilege to show the Bride, New Jerusalem.


Vs.8 Ezekiel’s desperate cry, like Abraham over Sodom/Gomorra, wilts thou

                               destroy all? (Gen.18:23)


Chapter 10

Throne vision repeated


The HE of ch.9 continues and the man clothed in linen has more to do, vs.2

coals of fire scattering over the city.

vs.1  firmament, see 1:22,23,25,26

likeness of a throne, 1:26

vs 2 & 7 fire from between the Cherubim, 1:4, Hebr.1:7

In Rev.20:9 fire from heaven, the dwelling place of the Cherubim

vs.2, 5, 16, 19 the form of the living beings/creatures in ch.1 are Cherubim

angels are round and about the throne of God.,Hebr.1:14 sent forth

from God to minister.

All what is said and done in chs.2-9, in between these two visions

of ch.1 & 10 and coming from the throne of God.

vs.8 form of a man’s hand, 1:8

The hand of God is crucial in directing the affairs of His work on Earth

vs.6, 9,10,12,16 wheels in wheels all turning and moving, 1:24

and eyes all over, God’s eyes all over the world, 2Chron.16:9

vs.5 voice of the Almighty,  1:24

vs.6  the man clothed with linen, 9:12 (the man with the ink-horn)

vs:14  the four faces, the cherub has replaced the calf, 1:10; Rev.4:7

vs.4   the glory of the Lord on the threshold, but in vs.18 the glory departs,

Ichabod, 1Sam.4:21, apostasy/abominations brought this about.

In the beginning of His ministry, even as a youngster, Jesus graced the

the temple with His presence, but in Matth.23:39 he departs from it,

Ye shall see Me no more”,  Ichabod

In Rev.7:1 seven angels are holding the winds of strife, but when all is

finished, then also the temple will be closed, Rev.15:8


Chapter  11

The vision continues.

Ezekiel still in the presence of the Cherubim and the wheels, vs.22.The Cherubim

Angels were in the OT in the nearness of God’s Ark in the sanctuary, above the

Mercy seat under which was the table of stones with the testimony, the Ten


The Spirit takes Ezekiel first to Jerusalem then to the captives in Chaldea where

he delivers his message which the Lord had given him. Here the vision ends

See vs. 22-25.

The people already in Chaldea are being told, no hope for Jerusalem.



vs.1-3   a group of men,25, same number as in 8:16

These men, most likely the leaders, claim that Jerusalem will be a

protection for them against the coming judgment, like a chaldron.

They seek their salvation in a city which is in great apostasy and

in grouping together like in a chaldron.


Isa. 8:9-12 no salvation in a confederation, grouping together

Rev.17:12, 16 apocalyptic, Babylon, being the end time counter

part of apostate Jerusalem also seeks salvation in grouping

together, but it will not succeed.. Apocalyptic Babylon will

fall, like Jerusalem did in Ezekiel’s time and later in  70 AD


vs.5 the Lord knows what they have in mind.

vs.6, 7 the city would be good for the dead but not for the living

Vs.8-11 there will be no escape, divine judgment will come


Reasons for this coming judgment.

vs.12  not walked in the statutes of the Lord, but after the manner of the

heathen, the warning of Jeremiah in 25:6 has not been heeded

the 70 years of  captivity will come, Jer.25:12

vs.13  sudden death of two leaders., a shocking experience for Ezekiel and the

people. Through sudden death the Lord tries to call His people to

attention. See Acts 5. Ananias /Sapphira; 2 Kings 1, two groups of men

sudden death.

Ezekiel is afraid that even the remnant will not survive.

vs. 15 a false claim of God’s promises, Matth.7:21-23 false claims made

in that day, time of the end, judgment day.

vs. 16 Promise of God’s presence even in captivity. The Lord recognizes His

people even in Babylon,

vs.  17 He promises even a gathering up from their captivity.

In the end time a divine call to come out of Babylon, Rev.18:1-4

vs   18-20  Those who do come out will be new people, spiritually  revived

reformed. They will:

a.       remove the abominations which caused their captivity, 2Cor.7:1 a cleansing.

b.      they will walk in obedience to the Lord’s statutes/ordinances

Rev.12:17; 14:12; 22:14 marks of last day remnant, those who come out of apocalyptic Babylon

c.       they will have entered into a new covenant experience,

Jer.31:33; 32:39; Eze.36:25-27; Hebr.8:10; Rev.3:18

vs. 21.  Those who do not listen will receive according to their works.

Eze.9:10; Matth.27:25 upon their heads

vs. 22, 23 the glory of the Lord leaves the city; 10:18; Ichabod


These were not Ezekiel’s words, but The Word of The Lord

vss.2, 5,7,8,12,14,16,17,25

To the captives in Chaldea, Ezekiel had to make it very clear that the

Lord Himself spoke to Him, because the messages were against

their human desire for Jerusalem.

As the Lord spoke in Ezekiel’s time of apostasy, so He speaks

in the last days as well, through His word and the Gift of Prophecy,

ministering in the last day Remnant church, Rev.12:17; 19:10



Chapter 12

vss.1-16   a publicly illustrated message about the last days of Jerusalem and its

king Zedekia., who was taken captive and made blind and brought to

Babylon but never be able to see it.

vs.6 The whole message had to be made visible to the people., as we read from

Habakkuk and what he had to do with his message, Hab.2:2, 3

Ezekiel’s message also was sure and would take place, not tarry and not lie.

vs.2 gives the reason for this, they were rebellious, with eyes and not seeing

and ears but not hearing.

Jesus refers to a similar situation in His day, Matth.13:14, 15 quoting from

Isaiah 6:9, 10

vs.16 The Lord would left a few, a remnant, to bear a message for the heathen

around them.

In the last days there also will be a remnant bearing a message for the

people of their time, Rev.12:17:14:6-12

There always has been a rest/remnant, even in the time of Thyatira



Vs.17-20 Further emphasis about the imminent calamities coming over Jerusalem,

because of all that has happened within its walls, that dwell therein

vs. 20     in that manner the Lord would reveal Himself ye shall know that I

                             am the Lord.

In the end of all things all the world will recognise God, Phil.2:9-11

Rev.15:3, 4; 16:5-7

vs.21-28  A strong message against the idea that it would not happen in their

day. The vision would not be prolonged, vs.25, 28

As in Hab.2:3 it will not tarry; Rev.10:6 delay no longer NKJV

Things will happen in God’s own time, Gal.4:4

Matth.24:48-50 warning against servants who talk about delay.

2 Peter 3:3-8 in the last days people who do not believe it will happen.

Again it is strongly underlined that this is the word of the Lord, not human or

from Ezekiel .

Chapter 13

This chapter provides a graphic profile of the character and personality of false


vs.2, 3, 17 they speak out of their own heart and follow their own spirit

Deut.29:18, 19 divine warning against this behaviour

Judges17:6; 21:25 Israel soon followed their own mind, Jer.11:8; 16:12

Phil.2:21 even in the time of the apostle Paul.

Psalm 81:10-12 In the end the Lord gave them over to their own

stubborn heart and counsels. This was written before

Ezekiel’s time.

vs.4  they are cunning like foxes, of a deceptive nature

Luke 21:8 Jesus’ warning against being deceived

Rev.21:27:22:15 liars will not be in the kingdom and will not have

their name in the book of life. Eze.13:9

vs..5 They do not repair the breach in the hedge.

“They should have made it their business by preaching and advice

                             to bring the people to repentance and reformation, and so have made

                             up the hedge and put a stop to the judgments of God”

(Matth.Henry IV-819)

vs. 6a lying divinations, spiritism

Deut.18:10 Moses warned against it.

vs. 6b creating false hopes, false salvation message.

vs. 7   false pretences, the Lord did not speak through them

vs. 8, 10, 16 they speak about peace while there is no peace, false peace


Jer.6:14; 1Thess.5:3 false peace messages, then and now.

vs.9 they will not be numbered among God’s Israel, see above under vs.4

vs. 10-13 they use false plastering or cover up, a hailstorm shall destroy it.

Rev.16:18-19; 17:13, 14 the last day “unity” will also be destroyed

by a great hailstorm  and the great city will be divided in

three under the 7th plague, Rev.16:17-21;17:16;Dan.11:45

vs. 14, 15 the so called protective wall of unity will not hold, in the day of

the  wrath of God..

vs.18-20  they preached  soft pillow type messages and safety.

                               You have promised sinners life in their sinful ways, have told them

                              that they shall  have peace though they go on, by which their hands

                              have been strengthened and their hearts hardened.

                              Nor can anything strengthen the hands of sinners more than to tell

                             that they  may be saved in their sins without repentance, or that

                             there may be repentance though they do not return from their

                             wicked ways.

(Matth.Henry. IV-823)


Ellen G.White after quoting John 3:1-16 said: It strikes directly against

                                          the idea that you can become a child of God without any

                                         particular change.  FWp.63


Vs.21-23 Deliverance for God’s people

God promised Israel deliverance from the false prophets.

The false prophets will be destroyed.


They had preached a false message of hope, false salvation,

strengthened the hands of the wicked ,that he

                                    should not turn away from his wicked way, by

                                    promising him life. vs.22


                             Deliverance for God’s people in the last days.

Rev.14:6-12; 18:1-4 God’s last day message of deliverance

Dan.12:1, 2: Rev.16:12; 17:14; 19:11-21 God’s last day acts of

deliverance for His people from last day falsehood , the counterpart

false trio gathering the world for the final battle, Rev.16:13,14

Chapter 14

vs.1   certain men/elders are coming to Ezekiel to enquire from the Lord through


       vs.2, 3 The Lord’s answer, serious then and also for this time.

The Lord reveals to Ezekiel who they are in reality, different from what

they pretend to be

a.       they have set up idols in their heart

b.      a stumbling block of iniquity before their face

vs.4, 5  Because of what they are and have done, the Lord will answer and do


They have become estranged

Isa.59:2 Sin separates from God.

Matth.27:45 when Jesus became our substitute, sin for us 2Cor.5:21, He cried

My God, My God why hast Thou forsaken Me?

Sin and God do not mix.

vs.6   What ought to be done:

a. Repent    b. Turn away from your idols   c. Turn from your abominations

Ellen G. White quotes this text in 5T164 and adds:

If we love the things of the world and have pleasure in

                         unrighteousness or fellowship with the unfruitful works

                         of darkness we have put the stumbling block of our iniquity

                        before our face and have set up idols in our heart. And unless

                        by determined effort we put them away we shall never be

                        acknowledged as the sons and daughters of God.

                     See also Matth.7:21-23; Acts 8:21 heart not right before God.

vs.7-10 What the Lord will do to bring Israel back:

7b the Lord will step in Himself to take care of the situation

vs.8      a. be against that person

b. make him/her a sign, proverb

c. cut of from His people

vs.9.   even deception as from the Lord will take place

The apostle Paul in 2Thess.2:10, 11 speaks about that God will

send a delusion that they will believe the lie  for those who

are unconverted.

vs10. the people will have to bear the punishment of their sins, even a false prophet,

who was “sent”(vs.9) by God will bear his punishment. God allows this to

happen and the people look upon it as done by God. This is eastern way of


vs.11. the  purpose is to bring them back to be  His people again

2Cor.6:17, 18; Hosea 2:23

Vss12-21 salvation is a strict individual matter. 4 times, 14,16,18,20 we are

reminded of the fact, as Israel was, that even other righteous men ,like

Noah, Daniel or Job they will not be able to save us.

They will only deliver their souls, be saved by their righteousness, vs.14, 20

What kind of righteousness? Jer.23:6 when The Lord’s righteousness

becomes our righteousness, John 3:16

vs.22,23  There will be a remnant as a witness regarding the saving and soul

changing work of the Lord in their lives.

When afflictions have done their work, and have accomplished

                           that for which they were sent ,then will appear the wisdom and goodness

                          of God in sending them, and God will  not only be justified, but

                         glorified in them.  (Matth.Henry vl.VI- 830)


Rom.2:4 God’s goodness leads to repentance.

Rom.5:3-5 from tribulations to hope, salvation


Chapter 15.

Parable of the dead vine tree good for nothing and being burned completely is

taken as an example  how Jerusalem will meet its fate for their trespasses.

vs.4 the fire will devour both ends and its middle part.

vs.5 when it was whole, it did not do its work, when Israel was in

good position it did not do its work for which it was chosen

Exod.19:5, 6 chosen to be a peculiar treasure, a holy nation..

vs.7 divine fire for punishment devours

vs.8 all this will come because of trespassing God’s law,

Jer.9:13; 22:9; Ezra 9:10; Dan.9:7, 8; Isa.24:5; Hos.8:1


Chapter 16

A lengthy narration of what God has done for His people from their early start

and how badly they have responded.

vs.1     It is again the Word of the Lord coming to Ezekiel.

vs. 2-6 Israel’s origin as from its early beginning, either from

the time of Abraham found in Ur of  Chaldea or from the time when

delivered from Egypt.

they were not regarded as important, not being loved, not being

cared for, not being washed,

but the Lord called them to live, 2 times in vs.6

Why did the Lord do this?

Not because of their natural greatness or importance,

but He loved them, Deut.4:37; 7:7,8

John 3:16 is still a deep expression of God’s love towards mankind.

That is still the reason for the call to come out according to Rev.18:1-4

Vs.7-14 a summary of what God has done for His people:

a.       He multiplied them,  vs.7

b.      He covered them with His covenant of love,vs.8

c.        A covenant love relationship, vs.8

d.       Washed away thy blood/sin, Isa.1:18

e.        Anointed with oil, vs.9  Holy Spirit

f.         They were made beautiful, all over  10-13

g.        They became known worldwide, vs.14  Solomon’s time


The infant NT Christian church went through a similar experience.

From the spiritual greatness of the Ephesus church it went down to the

darkness of the Thyatira period., Rev.2


vs.15-34  The change which took place and how it is described.

A graphic picture of Israel’s apostasy. It is comparable with the

apostate woman of Rev. 17/18 and in stark contrast with God’s

woman, His church/bride of Rev.12:1;21:2,9;22:17

15    trusting in its own beauty, compare with Rev.3:17a;18:7

15    she shares her sins with others,  Rev.17:2;18:3

16    decked in divers colours, Rev.17:4

17    what God had given for a different purpose, now used for idolatry

18    God’s oil and incense used for idolatry

19    God’s word taken  to the world by way of corruption, the things

God had given for their benefit used in idolatry

20/21 children sacrificed, the ultimate abomination in idolatry

22    a reference to vs. 4 and 6, they had forgotten their origin, Rev.3:3

23-25 they had made themselves high places for apostate worship.

26  fornication with the surrounding nations, Rev.17:2

27  delivered into the hands of those who  would hate them, this is

similar to what will happen to the whore of Revelation Rev.17:16

the nations will hate her, because of her evil they  have

discovered too late.

28-34    here is further described and repeated Israel’s idolatry with the nations. The matter is described in terms of being in charge, giving gifts, hiring or bribing.Rev.18:15 had become rich by her

Isn’t that the same with the whore of Revelation 17/18 ruling over the nations who in the end have given their power to the

beast, Rev.17:13 until they become disillusioned,ib.16, as  the nations became disillusioned with Israel,Eze.16:27  who are ashamed of your lewd conduct (NASB) or  sick of your filthy ways. (Jer.B.)

Note; Israel boasted being wealthy and rich, not knowing they were

                                      wretched ,miserable ,poor ,blind and naked  as it  is said of  the

Laodicea church in Rev.3:17.


vs.35-41 In vs.35 Israel, God’s covenanted people, is now addressed by

the Lord as  O harlot

and again her sins are described.

Then from 37-41 we find that the Lord will use those with

whom Israel has committed spiritual fornication, her lovers,

they will now be used against her, they will turn against her.

This is similar what we find in Rev.17:16 the ten horns, the lovers of

the Apocalyptic harlot will turn against her, make her desolate, naked

and burn her with fire., see also Dan.7:11 the beast burned with fire

and in Rev.19:20 beast and false prophet in the lake of fire.


vs.42-52 The interesting issue in these verses is that they have done

worse than Samaria or Sodom.. Samaria had not even done

half of what  they had done,vs.51

Jesus does something similar when speaking about Israel of

His day, see Matth.10:15; Mark 6:11; Luke 10:12-14


vs.53-63 restoration of Israel after the captivity based on the

everlasting covenant which will include all people, here

called thy sisters, all those in sin being named as Sodom

and Samaria, when they return from their sinful state.

vs.61 but not by thy covenant  not based on their terms or

promises, but on the better promises  Hebr.8:6

Better promises in contrast to the promises they had made

under the terms of the (old) covenant they had made in

Sinai, which were their promises we will do, Exod.19:8;

24:3, 7. and was soon broken, also by idolatry, golden calf

For more explanation about old and new (everlasting) covenant

(See SDABC vl.4-633 or study on this website “SAGA OF



Chapter 17

Under the images of two eagles and a vine, we have an illustration of Babylon’s

invasion, Israel’s rebellion by Zedekia  and  Israel’s failed attempt to find help from

Egypt., Eze.17:15

References to these events in 2Kings24:20; 2Chron.36:11-14 and Jer.37

Lesson: Judah being already under divine judgment seeks help in the wrong

place, unbelieving Egypt.

Read more in PK 451 Judah   In the vanity of his own

                                                 wisdom he turned for help to the ancient enemy of



Federating with unbelievers will not work. See Isa.8:9-12; 2Cor.6:14

We are to counsel with God and to find our strength in Him .Only thus

                             can we have the presence of the Lord with us; only thus can we

                            accomplish His work in His way. When the people of God form

                            alliances of any kind with those who know Him not, then the policies

                            of men will inevitable supplant the principles of heaven. (SDABC 4-142)

This is what will happen in the last days when the world will

in vain federate together, instead of turning to the God of heaven.

Rev.17:13 Instead of turning to God for help; they go the “beast”

The counsel given in Isa.8:13 will not be applied by the nations.


vs.22-24 describes God’s plan of restoration

A branch will be taken, be planted and made a blessing to the nations

Ellen G.White applies this to the faithful remnant,

“It was still the Lord’s purpose, as it had been from the beginning,

                               that His people should be a praise in the earth, to the glory of

                              His name.” (E.G.White in PK 599)


The setting up of the Messiah’s kingdom in the world shall discover

                               more clearly than ever to the children of men that God is the King

                             of the Earth”.  (Matth.Henry  vl .4-851)


Other references about The Branch: Isa.11:1 Branch of Jesse

Jer.23:5   Branch of David

Jer.33:15 Branch of Righteousness

Zech.3:8  Servant the Branch

,, 6:12  the man whose name is Branch

God’s original purpose for Israel/Judah preserved for after the 70year

captivity, but ultimately fulfilled through the coming of the Messiah

and His kingdom through the NT church/Israel..

The divine plan of “try-again”, after the 70 years of captivity, did not

work, read matt.23:37-39.

See also Psalm 81:8-13


Chapter 18

This chapter deals with individual sinning and punishment.

Father-son relationship.

vs.2, 3 wrong proverb, giving a false perception of God.

The sour grapes the fathers ate represented their own personal

                                    sins. The setting of the children’s teeth on edge represented the

                                   suffering the Jews felt came upon them in consequences of their

                                   father’s sins. (SDABC vl.4-638)


Jeremiah deals with the same in 31:29, 30 and answers properly


Exod.20:5, relates to the consequences of father’s sin

                               It is inevitable that children should suffer from the consequences

                              of parental wrong-doing , but they are not punished for the parents

                              guilt, except as they participate in their sins.  PP306

Matth.23:35, 36 the children would suffer. Israel’s loss of not

anymore being a covenant nation of God. ib.38, 39, would apply

to its children as well.

The Lord will show mercy to those who love Him and keep

His commandments, Exod.20:6

vs.4 The soul that sins shall die, repeated in vs.20

Nepesh, see Th.W.B.of OT nr.1395a = life, soul, creature, person

Thus in its most synthetic use nepesh stands for the entire person, ibid

vs 4 also states that God is sovereign owner,  soul of the son is mine

Vs.5-9 those souls who sin shall die but those who do the right shall

live, vs.9

a.       do not eat upon the mountains, false worship, vs.6

b.      do not go for idolatry, vs.6

c.       commit no adultery,vs.6

d.      practice no unclean living with woman, vs.6

e.       have no bad social behaviour, vs.7,8

f.        but are living a just life and obeying God’s statutes.


See Micha 6:8 do justly, love mercy and walk humbly.

Rom.1:17 the just shall live by faith, Hab.2:4

Rev.22:11 the just versus the unjust

Gen.18:19; 26:5 Abraham’s example

John 14:15; 15:10; 1John 2:3

Rev.12:17; 14:12; 22:14 God’s end-time people


vs.10-13  If a man has a rebellious son, that one shall die, vs.13b

vs.14-17  The son that follows not the father’s sin shall live, 17b

vs. 18      The father shall die in his own iniquity

vs. 19,20  People ask:  why?

The Lord answers that it is an individual matter, son shall not

bear what father has done, and father shall not bear what son

has done.

vs.21-23 What will happen in case of conversion of the wicked

vs.24       What will happen when the righteous falls into sin and

does not return from that sin.

vs.25,29  The people think this is not right

vs.26-28  Principles of vs.21-24 are repeated

vs.30       Every one will be judged according to his own ways,Re.22:12

vs.30-31 What ought to be done;

a.       repent and turn away from iniquity

b.      cast away your transgressions

c.       make a new heart and spirit, John 3:1-5, be born again

vs.32    The Lord has no pleasure in the death of the sinner, vs.23

Jer.31:33; Hebr.8:10 the lord will make a new heart

Rev.3:17; 22:17 we must answer the call or knock

2 Chron. 7:14    If my people pray, humble, seek and turn away

Isa.55:7; 59:20

Rom.2:4 God’s goodness will do this, if we choose to listen.


Footnote by Eze.18:20: The father cannot stand in for the son and the son cannot stand in for the father. Some think this applies also to our heavenly Father and that he cannot use His son Jesus Christ to be our substitute at the cross, bearing our guilt and its penalty. This is a wrong conclusion. Humans are sinners, all have sinned, Rom.3:23. Sinners cannot stand in for sinners. But in the divine it is different. Jesus Christ, our Saviour was sinless, but made sin, 2Cor.5:21 and thus could be and is our substitute according to the prophecy of Isa.53. Christ died as man’s substitute in the full meaning of the word. He suffered what we deserve and we receive by grace through faith (Eph.2:8-10) what we do not deserve.


Chapter   19

Israel’s growth and demise illustrated by lions and a vine planted by waters

vs.1-9 parable of the lions.

From chains in Egypt, vs.4 growing up prosperous, vs.6, 7

The nations overshadowed him, vs.8 and was taken in their

pit of idolatry which resulted in being in chains again, now by

the king of Babylon,vs.9 and for 70 years in captivity Israel’s

voice was not heard upon the mountains anymore.


vs.10-14 the parable of the vine planted by waters and being fruitful

Psalm 89:8 Israel taken as a vine from Egypt

Isaiah in ch.5 speaks about Israel as a vine in vineyard

Jer.2:21 planted as a noble vine

Matth.21:33-46 Jesus speaks about Israel as a vineyard, but not

giving the expected fruit.

John 15:1-6 The New Testament church is like a vineyard with

a vine and branches to bear fruit.

Ezekiel reveals what happened and how from a flourishing

vineyard and initially bearing fruit, became a withered vine.

vs.12 the east wind dried up her fruit

In Eze.17:10 we read that when the east wind touched it

the fruit dried up.

In Eze.8:16 we read that 25 men were seen worshiping

eastward with their back to the temple of the Lord.

Idolatry, false worship dries up spiritual fruit from the Lord

The Babylonians came from the east and took them captive

In  Rev.16:12 we read that the real King(s) from the east

will dry up the confederated nations, Euphrates and

last day false worship comes to an end.

vs.14 Israel will not be a rod to rule. After the 70 yrs of captivity

another period of probation was given, but then Gen.49:10

met its fulfilment  with the coming of the Messiah  Who

would be the real Ruler from the East,. Isa.41:2; Rev.2:27

Rev.11:15; Dan.7:14, 27; Matth.24:27


Chapter  20

The message of the Lord through Ezekiel to elders who came to inquire of the


vs1 Elders of Israel approaching Ezekiel. In normal genuine circumstance

this would have been acceptable, but the Lord knows man’s

heart and mind (Ps.139:1,2)  and the Lord refuses to be inquired

of by the elders, knowing who they are.  Eze.20:3b

Isa.59:1, 2 sin separates us from God. And Paul speaks about lifting

up holy hands to God in prayer. These elders were not holy in

Gods sight.

vs.2-6   in the message, Ezekiel is asked to render to them, they are

reminded of what God has done for them and Israel’s response

The exodus experience is brought to memory. This is often

done: Lev.19:36;26:13; Deut.5:6; Judg.2:12;19:30; Isa.11:16

Jer.7:22; 34:13 and in the Psalms 105 and 106

Paul in his epistles also reminds people from where they

have come, their Christian Exodus experience: Eph.2:11,12

vs.7  coming out of Egypt they were under a divine mandate:

a.       to cast away their abominations, to separate from sin

b.      not to become contaminated with the sins/idols of Egypt.

Paul gives the NT Christian a similar mandate, Rom.12:1, 2;

2Cor.6:17, 18 & 7:1; also in Rev.18:4

vs.8-10 They did not clean themselves from their abominations, but in

spite that refusal/rebellion the Lord still brought them out of Egypt

This delivery was not because of them but because of the Lord’s

name sake, His love towards them and his oath, Deut.7:7,8

We also are not saved because of us, but because of God’s love

towards us, John 3:16; Rom.5:6,8,10

vs.11,12  In the wilderness He revealed His mandate for them,

including the sign of belonging to the Creator God, the

Sabbath, repeated in vs.20

Regarding the Sabbath it is 4x mentioned how they polluted

the Sabbath, vs.13, 16, 21, 24. Apparently a great offence in

the eyes of the Lord. He is still the same, Hebr.13:8

The Sabbath a sign of belonging, Exod.31:16, 17

vs.13   But they rebelled, they did not walk as asked and they

despised God’s judgments and instructions.

vs.14-16 There was the divine threat not bringing them into the

promised land, but they were not destroyed in the rebellion.

In Exodus 32:10-13 we find the story how the Lord did

threaten to destroy them and make a new people out of

Moses. But Moses mediated and the Lord relented, id.14,

Ez.20:17 mine eye spared them

                             vs.18-20 The children were warned not to follow their fathers.

who had not entered into the promised land,

Numb.14:22, 23

vs.21-24 The children also rebelled against the Lord, Numb.25

vs.25,26  An apparent contradiction with God’s character, but  Paul

in Rom.1:24-26 states something similar  the Lord gave

                                               them up  2x , to their own sins; and in 2Thess.2:11,12 the

Lord will send a delusion to those who have pleasure in


Regarding Eze.20:25, 26 see SDABC 4-647 “In Bible figure, many acts are attributed to God, not with the idea that He actually performs them, but from the point of view that in His omnipotence and omniscience He does not prevent them”.


Matth.Henry writes:  The statutes and judgments

                                    which the heathen observed in the worship of their idols  were

                                   not good, and in practicing them they could not live; and God

                                  gave them up to those. He made their sin to be their punishment.



vs.27  They had blasphemed the Lord, by their transgressions.

Other translations use the word insulting instead of blasphemy

In 1Cor.5:1, 2 we get the impression that Paul was upset, felt

insulted when he learned what happened in Corinth,

vs.28,29  Again they are reminded re the Exodus  and entering into

the promised land.. But instead of serving the Lord Who

had brought them into the land, they started to worship like

the people of the land.

vs.30,31   They have become polluted by  their idolatry and the Lord

repeats again that He is not willing to listen to them:  I  will

                                                not be inquired of by you , as stated before in Eze.20:3

vs.32,33   They had in mind to be like the other nations, but the Lord

was going to prevent this.

Here is the Jer.B. translation: And that dream ever haunting your

                                                  mind will never come true ,when you say: We shall be like

                                                 the nations, like foreign tribes worshiping wood and stone.


                                                     Ellen G.White has the following warning for us: Shall

                                                       we sit at the feet of those who ignore the truths which

                                                       sanctify the soul?   FE 449


Shall we sit at the feet of Willow Creek, Saddleback

and Rick Warren and others who do ignore the truths

which sanctify the soul?. Wouldn’t we make the same

serious error as Israel/Judah in Ezekiel’s day?


What would the Lord do?  I will rule over you, vs.33b in other

words the Lord would take matters into His own hands. How?

vs.34,35  with a mighty hand they would be taken out of that  sinful

situation, and brought into the wilderness, 70years

Babylonian captivity.  (See Jer.25:5-11)

vs.36-37 They would be placed under divine judgment, sorting out

the good from the bad. Bring the good ones into the bond

of the covenant..  God has made plain that whosoever will

                                                 may come ‘into the bond of the covenant’  (PK 500)  The

willing being separated from the unwilling. (Read also

MH 403/4)   The bond of covenant, blood on the doorpost

God’s everlasting covenant sealed with the blood of His

Son Jesus Christ our Lord.

vs.38  The rebels, the unfaithful ones would not return and enter

into the land of Israel.

In the Exodus desert journey those who were unfaithful did

not enter into the promised land, not even Mirjam, Aaron

or Moses himself.  Numb.14:20-24, 38 only Joshua and

Caleb saw and entered the Promised Land.

vs.39  Here the Lord let them have their freedom. Do what you

like but don’t come near Me with your idolatry. Divine

worship must be according to God’s way not our way.

vs.40-44 A description of true worship on  God’s holy mountain.

And those who would have the privilege to return to that

land would know that it was not because of them but

for the Lord’s name sake.

They would say in terms of Jeremiah: The Lord our

                                                    Righteousness, Jer.23:6

vs.45- 48  A prelude message re what will happen to the Southern

kingdom, Judah/Jerusalem, which is further described

in  Eze.21 where Ezekiel is asked to set his face against it

vs.49   When the elders listened to all this from the mouth of

Ezekiel, they said, he tells us some stories, parables. They

had listened with a heart/mind of stone and unbelief.



Pastor Jan T.Knopper

February 2006

Revised August 2013

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