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Chapters 36-39

With chapter 36 we start the final message of Ezekiel dealing with Israel’s restoration and victory over Israel’s enemies.

This chapter has first a contemporary application of Israel’s return from its 70 years Babylonian captivity. But because all did not work out for national Israel as planned, we may see the end time restoration of God’s people when “all Israel shall be saved”Rom.11:26. Jews and gentiles grafted in on the olive tree by faith in Christ Jesus the true Messiah.


From Jesus’ own words we learn that what we will read in Eze.36 and beyond did not happen as it should have.

The deplorable state of the spiritual affairs of Israel in Jesus’ time is explained in

Matthew 21:33-45.The parable of the wicked husbandmen.

Jesus states in vs.43 “Therefore I say unto you, the kingdom of God shall be taken from you, and given to a nation bringing forth the fruit thereof.”

In His last sermon to the nation of Israel Jesus said “Behold your house is left unto you desolate. Matth.23:38. They had refused to be gathered together (ib.vs.37) and what was first “my Father’s house” John 2:16; Matth.21:13, is now in Matthew 23:38 “your house”


With these words of introduction let’s enter in and move through Ezekiel 36.

Again as before we are assured, and so is Ezekiel, that we are dealing with the word of the Lord. Not human or from Ezekiel, but divine, from the Lord Himself.

Notice in vs.1,2,3,4(2x),5,6,7,13,14,15,16,22,23,32,33,37 Constantly we are  reminded that the Lord is speaking, rendering a message to His people

If we would add the many times where it reads “They shall know that I am the Lord” it makes it even more impressive that we are dealing with the divine and not the human.


In chapter 35 the Lord spoke condemnation not restoration against the mountains of Seir, Edom or Idumea, Israel’s brother nation.


Here in chapter 36 the mountains of Israel have to hear the word of the Lord. What follows after vs.1 gives reasons why God is planning to restore Israel. Not for their sake, but for His own name’s sake. See vs.22


In the past the Lord had told them that he did not love them for their sake but for His own name’s sake that He had sworn unto thy fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Deut.9:4, 5; 7:7; 4:37


Eze.36:2 Israel’s enemies had rejoiced over their demise.


Eze.36:3 The nations had swallowed them up and made fun of them.


Eze.36:4, 5 Because of what the nations had done, Idumea included, the Lord now will stand for His people and speak against the nations who acted shamefully about Israel.


Eze.36:6. The reason is that Israel had been in a shameful situation.”Because ye have borne the shame of the heathen” who had abused Israel for being taken into captivity


Eze.36:7. Now it is time for the heathen to bear their shame, their sins and their wrong doing in particular against Israel.


Eze.36:8-15. A description of what God will do and would do to Israel when returning to their land. The Lord would do even better than in the beginning, vs.11b


Eze.36:16-20. In this section the Lord reminds Ezekiel of the reasons why all these things had happened to Israel and how the nations took advantage of Israel’s demise.

It was Israel’s own wrong doing why they had been in captivity, vs.17,18 that’s why the Lord had to sent them into captivity, vs,17-19

But the nations took advantage of the situation and profaned God’s holy name, saying “These are the people of God”, vs.20

The wrong doing of Israel had a bad reflection upon the name of the Lord.

The same is applicable today, as it was in the past.

When Jacob’s sons did a deplorable thing against the people of Shechem, Jacob reacted by saying “you have given me a bad name among the nations”, Gen.34:30


Israel had forgotten to be a light among the nations. Paul writes in 2 Cor.3:2, 3 that the Christian church is an epistle of Christ known and read of all men.

Jesus in his sermon on the mount declares “ye are the light of the world” and the light should shine in such a manner that God would be glorified.Matth.5:14-16; 1 Pet.2:12

Israel had failed to fulfil that divine commission to be a light among the nations and a true representative of the living Creator God.


Eze.36:21-23 for God’s own name’s sake would the Lord restore Israel. What Israel had profaned, God Himself would restore. That is divine grace, God’s grace in the OT.

He would sanctify His name, which Israel had profaned. Not for your sake, vs.22, 32;

Psalms 106:8; 115:1, 2.

Four times Israel is reminded of the fact that they had profaned God’s name among the heathen; vs.21, 22, and 2 times in vs.23

Idolatry in which Israel had been involved deeply was, and still is a very grave act of apostasy.1Cor.10:14; Gal.5:20; Col.3:5; Rev.21:8; 22:15

The second command states clearly not to get involved in idolatry, Exod.20:5. Thou shalt not bow down to them for I am a jealous God. This kind of divine jealousy is clearly expressed here in Ezekiel’s message.


Eze.36:24 from this verse till the end, the Lord describes what He will do for Israel and how He will do it. He will gather them out of their Babylonian captivity and bring them back in their own land.

Vs.25 they will go through a new spiritual experience. To be cleansed from their filthiness, from sins and idolatry.

It is interesting to note at this point that Israel after their 70 years of captivity never returned again to the kind of idolatry as practiced before their captivity.

In Jesus’ day they were caught up in another form of apostasy; nationalistic self-righteousness.  This caused them to have a complete misconception of the coming of the Messiah and His kingdom. It became their final fall from being the people of God as a nation. This cleansing parallels what is announced for the Day of Atonement in Lev.16:16.


Eze.36:26,27a change of heart would take place; a heart of flesh would be given to keep God’s statutes. This part of Ezekiel matches Jeremiah’s message in Jer.31:31-33.

David in Ps.51:10 also recognized his need for a new heart and a renewal of his spirit within. Spiritual lessons for the present time can be drawn from this passage as well.


Eze.36:28, under these conditions they would dwell in the Promised Land and be God’s people, and the Lord said “I will be your God”.

Lev.26:12 is repeated “I will be your God and you shall be my people” Also Eze.37:23


Eze.36:29 they would experience salvation and plenty of corn (bread of life).


Eze.36:30, 31. They would live again in the land of plenty, not suffering famine, as in the days of Elijah for the sins of King Ahab, 1Kings 17 and 18.

They would remember their evil days and what had gone wrong and why they had to be taken into captivity for 70 years. They would loathe or hate (NLT) themselves for what they had done in the past.


Eze.36:32 Here vs.22 is repeated. All these new blessings would not be for their sake. They are urged to be ashamed and confounded of their past ways of evil.


Eze.36:33-35 a return to prosperity is described comparable to the Garden of Eden. The land being tilled, giving its fruit and the cities being populated.


Ez.36:36 but the Lord takes the honour to himself for having done this as a witness to the heathen round about. Only what God does has merit, not what humans do.


Eze.36:37, 38 The Lord allows Israel even to ask from Him “to do it for them” or according to the NLT “I am ready to grant their requests”.

We may take this personal for today that we still may ask the Lord to fulfil His promises.

This is to be done that heathen and Israel both will know “that I am the Lord”.



This picture of restoration cannot be applied to the secular state of Israel which exists today. It has nothing to do with the resurrection of the modern nation Israel in AD 1947/8

A nation of which the majority do not regard the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, a nation which still rejects the true Messiah Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of God, the son of man.


Those who returned from 70 yrs captivity in Babylon, under Ezra and Nehemiah enjoyed for some time this kind of blessings. But ultimately lost it all again when they did not recognise the true Messiah Again we refer to the words of Jesus himself in

Matth.21:33-45 and 23:37, 38.


The current secular state of Israel has not gone through the spiritual experience as described by Jeremiah in ch.31 and by Ezekiel in ch.36, and is not planning either.


The people who do apply this to modern day Israel make the fatal mistake of giving the true God of true Israel a wrong image in a wrong frame work. Remember what Paul writes in Rom.9:6 ‘Not all are Israel, which are of Israel” and also 9:7, 8 not all biological children of Abraham are Abraham’s children. Only those who have the faith of Abraham are counted as the true children of Abraham.Gal.3:29


Ezekiel 37 is an extension of chapter 36. By way of a vision or a parable as an object lesson Ezekiel is informed about Israel’s restoration from 70 years captivity.

In verse 1 we read that Ezekiel is taken in the spirit of the Lord to a valley full of dry bones.

Verses 2-10 describe how the bones are coming together and becoming normal bodies again. Sinew and flesh are being put on the bones.

Finally the lacking spirit of the Lord, the breath of God, is breathed upon them and brings them back to life. All are standing upon their feet.


Eze.37:11-14 explains what it all means, the restoration of Israel out of 70 years of captivity. There is no indication anywhere that this would happen about 2500 years later in the future, the end of all ages.

As said before there is no indication at all that the current modern secular state of Israel is ready for such a spiritual renewal.

The latest news is that suggestions are made to relax strict Sabbath keeping in favour of a Sunday as a day of rest. To be like the other nations of the present world, a two day free weekend. 64% have shown to be in favour of such a move.  This shows the same attitude as in the days of Samuel where the people asked for a King like the other surrounding nations. 1Sam.8:4, 5

Israel was as it were in a grave situation, 37:11, 12. But the Lord would open their graves,

Vs.13 and put His spirit into them so they would live again, vs.14 similar as stated in Eze.36:26, 27 going through such an experience would make clear to them “that I the Lord have spoken it”

In this manner by way of a vision Ezekiel received an encouraging message to those in captivity that a near future restoration from captivity would take place.

This is the primary purpose of this vision given to Ezekiel.


Some have used it to explain Paul’s resurrection message from the literal dead in 1 Cor.15


It has also been used to illustrate a spiritual resurrection from being dead in sin and trespasses, Eph.2:1


But the primary purpose of this vision must not be overlooked and the vision not to be used to support modern day Israel as a fulfilment of Biblical prophecy.


Eze.37:15-28 deals with Israel’s restoration from Babylon from a different point of view.

Israel went into captivity as two different nations. The Northern nation Israel with Samaria as its capital went into captivity under Tiglath-Pilezer. His first attack was in 734-732 BC. But the final attack, coup de grace to Samaria took place in the last year of his reign, 722 BC under his general Sargon. See SDABC 8-190 for more details.

The southern nation Judah, with Jerusalem as its capital was taken captive under Nebuchadnezzar, 605-586BC. For more details see SDABC 8-190/1.


What we read in Eze.37:15-28 by way of an object lesson shows how the two nations will be one again and about its future destiny.

Vs 15 start again with the word of the Lord. Over and over again we are reminded that the Lord is speaking, not Ezekiel by himself and from himself.

It is also a safeguard that we must not mix it with our preconceived ideas or speculations.


Vs.16 Ezekiel is told to take two sticks.

One of the two sticks for Judah the southern kingdom with Jerusalem as its capital.

Also one for Joseph who had a place in the Northern Kingdom by way of his son Ephraim and which had Samaria as its capital.


Vs.17 Ezekiel is told to fuse the two sticks together so that they will become one again.


Vs.18 The people are watching what Ezekiel is doing and wonder what it all means.


Vs 19-22 The Lord tells Ezekiel what to tell the people.

The two sticks representing the two former kingdoms illustrating that the two will be one kingdom again. They shall be taken from among the heathen, their captivity, and as one nation will be brought to their own land again.

No more separation as had occurred after King Solomon. Also one king shall be among them. No more two nations.


Vs.23 There will be no return to their former way of life. Not back to transgressions wherein they have sinned, but will be saved from them. They will be cleansed.

“So shall they be my people and I will be their God.” It is a restoration of the former covenant relationship.


Vs.24-28 what is stated here could be explained as “what might have been but did not


vs 24a  a person would be king over them,  as David my servant . They all shall have one


Vs.25. My servant David shall be their Prince for ever.

Vs 26, 27 this would take place under a covenant of peace and called an everlasting

covenant . Also God’s sanctuary and tabernacle in the midst of them for ever



We do know from history and what happened in the 450 years after the captivity that Israel never turned back to idol worship. In that respect they were completely cleansed.


But we also know that in the same period of time no one ever stood as King David ruling over them

Based upon such a message from the Lord to Ezekiel and other prophets the people developed a nationalistic perception of their future destiny, this perception still exists today. Not only among Zionistic Jews but among evangelical Christians, who strongly support modern day Israel as what they think is a fulfilment of Bible prophecy, but which is a misconception.


This word from the Lord to Ezekiel regarding a future king, David my servant, can only refer to the coming of the Messiah who would be out of the house of David. Micah 5:2; Isa.9:6, 7. The Messiah would not only be king as David but also the Prince of Peace among them.Eze.37:26


When the Messiah was about to be delivered from Mary it was told of Him that “the Lord God shall give unto him the throne of his father David”, Luke 1:32

People in Jesus’ day saw in him the son of David, Matth.9:27; 15:22; 20:30; 21:9


Only through the Messiah as the son of David came the prince of Peace. When Christ was born the angel announced that “in the city of David a Saviour is born which is Christ, the Lord”, Luke 2:11

After that a multitude of angels praised God, saying, “Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace goodwill toward men”. Luke 2:14 (NKJV)

Not worldly peace would be given, which is not lasting, but the peace of the everlasting covenant. This is the peace Jesus as the Messiah spoke about in John 14:27 and 16:33.

The establishment of the modern day secular state of Israel has not and never will bring that kind of peace.


The problem is that Israel in the past and present, the disciples in their time and the Christian evangelicals of today are blinded by the concept of a national fulfilment of

prophecies like these of Ezekiel and other prophets.

Even on the day of Christ’s ascension the disciples were still blinded by the thought of a national Kingdom, Acts 1:6. What opened their minds was the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. The same is needed today.

People having this frame of mind are called “foolish and slow of heart to believe in all that the prophets have spoken.” Luke 24:25 (NKJV)

After the disciples were filled with the Holy Spirit Peter could declare that Christ, the Messiah would sit on his throne (of David), Acts 2:30


Jesus himself, when interrogated by Pilate did not deny being king, but He declared my Kingdom is not of this world. John 18:33-37


Returning to Eze.37:24-28 we must conclude that from writing about the restoration of Israel from their 70 years of Babylonian captivity he takes up the future of the Messianic Kingdom of Glory

In that kingdom of glory the tabernacle of God will be with them, dwell with them and be their God, Rev.21:3. As Christ came as the Messiah to tabernacle among the people

on Earth,, John 1:14, so He will tabernacle among them again in the Kingdom of Glory.

This again is a strong link between Ezekiel and Revelation.


Israel after the Babylonian captivity never became the people to be according to the words of the prophets, never becoming a Messianic people or a Messianic Kingdom.


Israel failed to see the messianic nature of what they were supposed to be. Also the Christian world at large fails to see that failure today and supports the secular modern state of Israel as being the true Israel of God. They fail to see the way the apostle Paul explains the nature of true Israel. Rom.9-11

Note Paul’s concluding words in Rom.11:26. Paul is quoting from Jer.31:31-34 which equals Eze.36:25-28. It is and remains the same olive tree. Some branches broken off because of unbelief, gentiles branches grafted in by faith, and the broken off branches regrafted based upon faith. Christ the Seed, the Messiah is the criteria, Gal.3:16, 29

Paul writes in vs.27 for this is my covenant with them, when I take away their sins. This is in harmony with Eze.36:33; 37:23 where the Lord speaks about cleansing from their sins.

This can only take place through God’s covenant of peace, Eze.37:26


Many Bible readers and students fail to see that all prophetic messages of the Old Testament in regard to Israel reaching beyond the time of the cross are not literal or geographic national, but must be treated as applying to the NT church/Israel. There is only one Israel in the Bible. In the Old Testament it was restricted to a nation. In the New Testament era it is global. “And if you’re are Christ’s then you are Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the promise, Gal.3:29 (NKJV)


Ezekiel 38 and 39

The last chapters of Ezekiel are not easy to follow or to explain. They have been a source of much literalism and speculation. This is true in particular of chs.38/39

Even for SDA people who have confidence in the writings of Ellen G.White and her use of the scriptures, no clues have been found in her writings regarding these two chapters.


Based upon Eze.36 these two chapters may have played a role in Israel’s history if Israel had completely fulfilled its purpose among the nations as God had in mind for Israel. Then out of hatred Satan may have carried out his attack against Israel as described here in Eze.38/39. But Israel did not fulfil its role, failed its God given mandate as God had in mind and Satan had no reason to attack Israel in an attempt to destroy it.


Bible commentators do not use preterism for these chapters and sending its fulfilment to the past. No reason can be found for any fulfilment in the past.

Many can be found using futurism and looking to the future for the fulfilment of these chapters before or after the millennium or in both periods of time.

For those using the historicist method of prophetic interpretation the outcome may be completely different. The difference will be even clearer when comparing scriptures with scriptures. Especially when using Daniel and Revelation.


Because in the historicist school national Israel terminates its role in salvation history

at the time of the cross when national Israel rejected Christ being the Messiah and later at the time of the stoning of Stephen. The literal futuristic scenario of Ezekiel 38/39 falls away completely.


In Daniel and Revelation we find passages which do describe an end time war against God’s true end time church/Israel, being the remnant of her Seed, for instance Rev.12:17.

Other passages will be mentioned later.


It seems to be clear that Eze.38/39 deals with a war against Israel. In line with the historicist interpretation this must be seen against the NT church/Israel in the end time.


These chapters also must be treated as “thus saith the Lord” We read this many times in these two chapters: 38:1, 10, 14, 17, 18, 21; 39: We are assured over and over again that the Lord Himself is speaking and not Ezekiel, he is only an instrument to convey the Word of the Lord.


God’s name is to be revealed.

Through the events described in these chapters the Lord wants to make sure that in both camps, that of Israel and its enemies, they shall recognize the name of the Lord and that He is God.

Eze.38:23 the nations shall know that I am the Lord

39:6   they shall know that I am the Lord.

7a God’s holy name made known in the midst of Israel

b But the heathen also shall know that I am the Lord, the Holy one in


                         22 the house of Israel shall know that I am the Lord, their God.

28 after the delivery they (Israel) shall know that I am the Lord their God


In the final culmination of the Great Controversy Israel and its enemies both will recognize God and His greatness in an act of worship.

Rev.15:2-4 the redeemed sing God’s praises

Phil.2:9-11 every knee shall bow and acknowledge Christ as Lord.

Read also the book Great Controversy p.668/9. On these pages Ellen G.White

describes what will take place when they will see the coronation of the Son of

God and fulfilling what Paul wrote in Phil.2:9-11.


Another point of interest is what is mentioned in Eze.39:23-29. In clear language Israel’s apostasy is summarized again. The Lord also says that because of Israel’s apostasy He has done what has been done to them.

In other words it was not the doing of the heathen that they had victory over Israel, but that they were used as an instrument of God.

From vs. 25 He let the heathen (see vs. 23 and the heathen shall know) know that the time has come to deliver them (Israel) out of enemies’ land, vs.27, 28

The heathen, Israel’s enemies, are to understand that in regard to Israel’s captivity and its deliverance the Lord is the God of Israel.” That I am the Lord their God.

In vs.29 the assurance is given that the Lord will not hide His face any more from them.

I have poured out my Spirit upon the House of Israel”


In Biblical salvation history we discover two Babylonian captivities. The one experienced by the OT church/Israel 70 years in Babylon.

The other one we find in the book of Revelation as described in ch.12 the church in the wilderness. The message of Rev.14:6-12 and 18:1-4 is the final call to come out of Babylon. Luther in his days spoke about the church’s Babylon captivity, referring to the church of the dark ages. The time in history, being the 1260 years of papal supremacy.


The prophetic time line of the seven churches described in Rev.2 and 3 shows clearly the gradual decline into apostasy of the NT Church/Israel, similar to what happened to the OT church/Israel.

Eze, 37 describing the resurrection of the OT church/Israel from their Babylonian

captivity and can be used to illustrate the resurrection from the Babylonian captivity of the NT church/Israel.

But it can also be used to describe individual spiritual life which is dry as these bones.

Read Ellen G.White’s article in Review and Herald Jan.17, 1893 and note the following:

“But not only does this simile of the dry bones apply to the world, but also to those who

have been blessed with great light; for they also are like the skeletons in the valley. They have the form of men, the framework of the body: but they have not spiritual life.”


We go back to Eze.38/39 and will discover how this vision can be matched with prophetic passages of Daniel and Revelation in regarding to a last days attack on the NT church/Israel.


From reading these chapters it becomes clear that the enemies of Israel are planning an attack on the NT church/Israel.

Because this is a post 70 years Babylonian attack on Israel and such an attack has not yet taken place and because as stated above in this study, after the cross  the OT church/Israel has no place anymore in Bible prophecy, we must look for an attack against the NT church/Israel.

In these chapters,38/39, Israel is mentioned 18 times: 38:8,14,16,17,18,19; 39: 2,4,7,7,9,11,12,17,,22,23,25,29.


The following passages do indicate an attack on Israel:

Eze.38:8 against the mountains of Israel, after they have been brought forth out of the

nations, after they have answered the call to come out of Babylon.

The OT church/Israel had such a call, Jer.51:6, 45 and the NT Church/Israel has

a call to come out, Rev.18:4

16 thou shalt come up against my people of Israel.

16 the Lord says: “I will bring thee against my land.”

In a certain way the Lord would have His hand in this attack. In Rev.17:17 we

read something similar what the Lord had put in their hearts……..

18 Gog, the chief (vs.3) shall come up against the land of Israel

Regarding the names Gog and Magog we will say more later in this study

19 There shall be a great shaking in the land of Israel.

39:2   The attack upon the mountains of Israel would come from the North, 38:2,15

keep this in mind, because we will come back to this point.

4      Thou shalt fall upon the mountains of Israel.


As we have noticed from Eze 38:6, 15; 39:2 the attack will come from the North upon Israel.

In Daniel 11:40-45 we find a similar attack upon the “glorious land” or “the glorious holy mountain” by the King of the North.

The land and mountain are the NT church/Israel and the King of the North is the resurrected papal power of the last days. (Check my study about Dan.11:40-45 on website

The attacking powers of Eze.38 are being joined by other countries, vs.5, names also mentioned in Dan.11:42, 43.


This attack of Dan.11:40-45 may well be the attack described in Rev.12:17; 16:13-16; 17:14-17; 19:19. (Regarding Rev.17, go to the website mentioned before, read study on Rev.17)

Ezekiel 38/39 seems to fit these prophetic pictures regarding a last attack against God’s people, the NT church/Israel, before the glorious appearing of our Lord, Jesus Christ. It may be different in description but similar in nature.


What is described in Eze.38/39 looks like a great confederacy of nations as spoken off in Isa.8:12 and given more detail in Dan.11:40-45; Rev.13:3, 4; Rev.16:13, 14; 17:13-17; 19:19.


Eze.38:2-7, 15 various names of people and nations are mentioned; some are directly recognizable, others like Gog, Magog , and Tubal are more obscure. A search regarding the meaning of these names and antecedents shows that they were not the nicest people to deal with and could easily be used as symbolic names for the nations in confederacy against the people of God, the NT church/Israel in the last days.

Gog and Magog are also used as symbolic names for the combined attack upon New Jerusalem after the millennium, Rev.20:7-9


Eze.38:9 Thou shalt ascend and come like a storm.

Dan.11:40 the king of the north will turn around like a whirlwind in its attack.


Eze.38:13 the attacking forces are in charge of many goods, silver and gold.

Dan.11:43 the king of the north shall have power of gold and silver


We know that in this last battle, the NT church/Israel will be vindicated and with the Lamb which they have followed faithfully be victorious, Rev.17:14

Ez.39:28, 29 the Lord will gather them in their own land because His spirit is upon them.


Eze.38:20 the sea and what is in it is used as a symbol for these nations.

Rev.17:15 the waters are a symbol for the nations.


Eze.38:20, 21 we also read in these verses that it will be a battle of mountains against mountains. The last battle is called in Rev.16:16 battle of (H) Armageddon. God’s people is seen in Rev.14: standing on Mount Sion.. Ar or Har means mountain. Mount Mageddon at war against Mount Sion. Same as two apocalyptic cities at war, Babylon the city of God’s enemies against Jerusalem the city of God’s people, as it was in Jeremiah and Ezekiel’s time, literal Babylon coming up against literal Jerusalem.


Eze.38:21 The Lord will come in between these anti God powers and cause confusion.

               “every man’s sword shall be against his brother.”

Rev.17:13-17 The last battle described here also ends in a state of confusion. What first

was united ends in hatred to one another.

The fifth plague from God may have caused this confusion, Rev.16:10, 11

The city Babylon will fall apart in three, Rev.16:17-21.


Eze.38:22 great hailstones will fall upon them.

Rev.16:21 during the seventh plague there will a great hailstorm.


Eze.39:2 the Lord will cause them to come up against His people Israel.

Rev.16:13 satanic powers are calling the world together, but vs.16 says that the Lord is

behind this movement,  to gather them together

The same picture we find in Joel 3:11-14 where a gathering together takes

place to the valley of Jehoshaphat for judgment. In Revelation it is called

the mountain of God’s judgment.

In Joel it is the valley of God’s judgment. Joel 3:12

The final judgment of nations is the main issue.

Rev.17:17 tells us that the last day unity, confederacy is the doing of God’s

will,” For God has put in their hearts to fulfil His will”.


Eze.39:4, 17-20 the enemies of God will be given as a meal to the birds of the sky.

Rev.19:17, 18 this birds’ meal is told to be “the supper of the great God.”

                      Ezekiel calls it “a sacrifice”, and so does Zeph.1:7


Eze.39:6 fire will be send upon them.

Rev.19: 20 they will be cast into the lake of fire.


Eze.39:8-16 this section seems to describe a kind of cleaning up activity described in

poetic Hebrew language, difficult to transcribe this in our modern language.

Let speculation or a literal application not get us here on the wrong track.


Eze.38:8 after this great battle, “battle of the great day of God almighty” Rev.16:14,

God’s Israel “brought forth out of the nations,….. they shall dwell safely all of


Eze.39:29 The Lord will not hide His face from them anymore, “for I have poured out

                My spirit upon the house of Israel, saith the Lord God.

The great controversy is ended in a most glorious victory over the enemies of God and His church/Israel.


It may well be that Rev.20:8,9 supports a second application of Eze.38,39 when Satan’s united forces make a final failed attempt to attack and overthrow the New Jerusalem This will be followed by Rev.21 & 22 when God will tabernacle with His people and be their temple. Rev.21:3, 22

Is that what follows in Ezekiel 40-48?



Pastor Jan T Knopper

Cooranbong June 2007

Edited August 2013

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