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This study provides information regarding the correctness of 1844 and events to happen in that year

Scripture reference:

We read in Dan.9:24 that those seventy weeks are determined (KJV) or “cut”, see here below for the meaning of “cut”.

The following texts have to do with “cut”; cut as being condemned or regarding cutting of a covenant and also to “cut from”, that is from something or from a larger part.

Lev.7:27 cut off from people;   Lev.17:10 cut him off.


We quote the following from “Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament: (TWOT) This is regarding “determined” as in the KJV and is from the Hebrew “hatak”. TWOT has the following to say: “This verb appears only in the passive stem (niphal), and only in Dan.9:24, the famous ‘seventy weeks passage’. In rabbinic Hebrew the root htk basically means ‘cut’, hence the translation ‘decreed’ in most versions.”(TWOT nr.778). Regarding “cut” or Hebrew “karat” TWOT says the following: “The most important use of the root is ‘to cut’ a covenant ‘b’rit (q.v.). The word is pregnant with theological meaning. A covenant must be cut because the slaughter of animals was part of the covenant ritual…..Genesis 15 is a significant passage in this regard. The Lord made (cut) a covenant with Abraham (v.18) involving a mysterious ceremony” (TWOT nr.1048)


From these quotations we may conclude that the Lord made or cut a covenant regarding Israel to give them 490 years in which time Jerusalem would be reconstructed, being rebuilt, and the coming of the Messiah and His ministry would take place, as further explained in Daniel 9:24-27.Read Dr.Shea here below.


Luke 3:1-22; Acts 4:27; 10:38. In AD 27Jesus was anointed to be the Messiah, the Lamb of God to be slain as foretold in Ia.53. Gal.3:13; He redeemed us from the curse; 2Cor.5:21 He was made sin for us. Christ took our curse. 1Thess.5:9 appointed to obtain salvation; 1Pet.2:24 bare our sins in His body. This act of the messiah was to take place at the end of the 70 weeks or 490 years, in the last week of years. Anointed in AD 27 and His death in AD 31


Dan.9:24   70 weeks determined 2852/778 (Strong’s Concordance and TWOT) in Rabbinic Hebrew “hatak” means “cut”.(read quotations from TWOT here above) Hebrew scholar Dr.Bill Shea writes in his book DANIEL page 150 “The verb in the phrase ‘seventy sevens’ are decreed for your people’ verse 24, is also commonly translated ‘determined. More literally, it means ‘to be cut off’’ It means they have been set aside for a special purpose, in this scripture for Daniel’s people, Israel. The 490 years are part of the 2300 years of Daniel 8:14, there is no other time line from which the 490 years could have been cut off.


Dan.9:26 Messiah “cut off” (3772/1048 Strong’s and TWOT)   “karat”, it means: killed; eliminated; a covenant being cut, an animal being sacrificed. Christ sacrificed as a lamb, Isa 53:7 to establish firmly God’s covenant.


The year 457BC as the starting point for the 490 years and including the beginning of the 2300 year prophecy of Daniel 8:14 have been sitting long time on a three-legged-chair but later another “leg” is added.

See Shea (Daniel amplified) Bk.2-64/65:

1. Greek historians confirm 457BC

2. Ptolemy (Horn/Wood, page128 ed.1970)

3. Babylonian business tablets have indicated 457BC

Fourth leg Elephantine papyri (Horn/Wood 115; 126/7 ed. 1970)

Dr.Horn and Dr. Wood published their findings in “The Chronology

of Ezra  7” and in this paper the 1970 edition is used


There are four degrees to return (Shea amplified. See above.) 538BC; 520BC; 457BC; 444BC

Bible commentators have sometimes dated these two authorisations in 458 and 445 respectively. The discovery of dated papyri from a Jewish garrison on the island of Elephantine in the river Nile, and especially of a double dated papyrus known as “kraeling 6”, has established the accuracy of 457 and 444 .(See God Cares I, p.251 bottom of page)


Of these two dates (457 and 444) 457BC has been taken as the correct one for the starting of the 2300 days/years of Dan.8:14. The decree of 444 was a repeat and not a new decree. The rebuilding of Jerusalem had already started in 457BC. (See Dr.Shea and Horn/Wood)


We have a translation problem, Dan.9:25 “an anointed one” after the 7 weeks or after the 62 weeks? If it is after the 7 weeks that would take us to 408BC and that would be without a significant anointing event in 408BC. Here below various translations:

1952 RSV   7 weeks and 62 weeks separated, with an anointed one in between

1913 Moffatt same

1970 NEB    same

1995 NASB no separation

1973  NIV same as KJV “seven weeks, and threescore and two weeks

1974 JB          ibid

1982 RAV       ,,

1989 NRSV    ,,

1990 NKJV     ,,

1995 God’s Word, same as KJV

Dutch, German and French all like KJV

NLT 1996 same as KJV footnote: Hebrew Seven sevens plus 62 sevens

In the book,” Problems in Bible Translations” page 178: we read that it is a punctuation problem; also a matter of interpretation and not in harmony with the LXX and distorts the messianic impact of this passage.


What would happen during the 70 weeks/490 years?

vs.24   1.A special time of probation “cut off” or decreed for the Jewish nation.

2.Also for the Holy City

3.Finish transgression

4.Make an end of sin

5.Make reconciliation for iniquity

6.Bring in everlasting righteousness

7.Seal up the vision and prophecy

8.Annoint the most holy place

vs.25    9.From 457 till Messiah 69 weeks, 483 years

10. Rebuilding activity

vs.26 11.After 69 weeks Messiah is ‘cut off” having no helper, My God, My God why………….Matth.27:46

12.The people of the Prince, (Hebrew ‘Nagid’) the Messiah, shall destroy   (Shea Ampl.


vs.27 13.Shall confirm the covenant, the new covenant

14.In the midst of the week the earthly sanctuary shall cease, tamid(daily) services

will be terminated.


What happens at the end of the 2300 days?

Daniel 8:14 Sanctuary be cleansed,   Sadaq

In Hebrew this is a very rich and broad word with various shades of meaning. Through the LXX (Septuagint) the KJV translators selected “cleansed”. It also has the following meanings: reconsecrated; justified; vindicated; restored; victorious; all these words have been used in translations. See Shea in Daniel p.187

What kind of activities and abominations would the L.Horn bring about which would need restoration?

Dan.8:9-12   1.would wax exceedingly great

2.even to the host of heaven, sits in the temple as God.

3.cast down and stamp upon them, persecution of the saints

4.maginify to the prince of the Host,  calls himself Vicar of Christ

5.the daily-tamid taken away, daily mass in the church (see nr.7)

6.Sanctuary cast down, the heavenly replaced by the church/priests

7 a host against the daily by way of transgression; a worship service in

opposition to the daily/tamid (New Dutch translation of vs.11)

8.the truth cast down.

,,        13     How long would this last? The sanctuary and host be trodden down under

foot. (Rev.11:2)

,,         14    Unto 2300 days then shall the sanctuary be cleansed

Dr.Alfred Vaucher  La version rabbinique: Alors le sanctuaire sera

rehabilitee (Then the sanctuary shall be restored, rehabilitated).


Restoration:   Ps.77:13 God’s way in the sanctuary. Satan has worked hard through the

years to obscure the sanctuary. In OT times through pagan idolatry, and in

NT times by way of the Little Horn, the medieval Papal church.

and later by way of Protestantism(evangelicals) which does not follow

salvation beyond Calvary into the heavenly sanctuary (all was done and

completed at the cross) Only the Advent Message  delivers

a clear picture of the sanctuary in its total compact  from Calvary to

second Advent and restores the understanding of the Sanctuary..

Cleansing      Transfer of sin through blood needs a final removal from the sanctuary.

There is a clear correlation between Lev.16 Yom Kippur; Dan.8:14 and

Hebr.8:1-3; Hebr.9:23.see “Patriarchs and Prophets” pag.357/8 (there is

a record of sin in haven as there was in the earthly sanctuary)

Vindication   Does God need to be vindicated regarding His dealings with sin and sinners

and Saints?

Rom.3:25, 26      PP.339 God will rise to vindicate His insulted authority

What happens and has happened on Planet Earth has been a spectacle to

the universe around us. 1Cor.4:9

1.Unfallen worlds have been watching the events of Calvary

2.Unfallen worlds have been watching the vindication of God’s justice in

providing forgiveness for the poor people of planet Earth

3.Unfallen worlds have been watching the vindication of God’s just law and

that His law can be kept.

4.The unfallen worlds are still watching:


We cannot show greater honour to our God, whose we are by creation and redemption, than to give evidence to the worlds unfallen, and to fallen men, that we diligently hearken to all His commandments, which are the laws that govern His kingdom.”

(TMK 297.2)


Those who really believe in Jesus will be co-laborers with Him showing to the unfallen worlds and to the fallen world a character which is after the divine similitude. They are to show that they have a higher, holier order of enjoyment than the world can bestow.”

(TMK 305.3)


Also study and read in this website Daniel chapter 9 for more information regarding this subject.


Pastor Jan T.Knopper

August 2006

Edited October 2010

Revisited August 2013

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