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This is what is called the unfulfilled part of Daniel 11

The latter part of Daniel 11:40-45 has been declared to be unfulfilled prophecy. This warns us to be cautious in its application and not to be overly speculative.

However we may have some clues which will help us in understanding this prophecy today better than we have in the past. At the same time we have to be careful not to be too dogmatic and we should avoid speculation. We will see more clearly when we come to the real end of times.


The late George McCready Price wrote the following in his book THE GREATEST OF THE PROPHETS pp.322/3:

As it would be quite impossible here to trace a full history of the ways in which this eleventh chapter has been interpreted down through the centuries, it may suffice to call attention to the fact that Elder James White and some others of the Adventist pioneers  applied the last part of this chapter to the career of the papacy.

If this is so and I see no reason for it not being so, then this part of Daniel’s book should be linked with the book of Revelation, written by John the Apostle. In particular to that part of the Revelation in which the last day role of the papacy is mentioned in prophetic terms.

To arrive at a satisfactory view of this part of Daniel, I propose that we follow the Historicist Christo Centric method of prophetic interpretation.


McCready Price describes this method as follows

Moreover it is a principle of universal validity that all other prophecies of Old testament, if they reach to the period this side of the cross, always become more abstract and spiritual; for the concrete, objective things of the Old testament have now become spiritualized; what was local and nationalistic now becomes world-wide and universal Literally hundreds of terms, like Zion, Israel etc., have since the cross come to us with wider and more spiritual connotations.” ib.314


Ellen G.White in Test. to Ministers pp.112-118 counsels strongly to study Daniel and Revelation together, one complements the other.


The late Dr.Mervin Maxwell seems to follow this principle, as explained by McCready Price correctly, when dealing with Daniel 11 and in particular regarding the Kings of the South and the North.

Dr.Maxwell let Daniel 11 start with Medo/Persia followed by Greece and then Pagan Rome starting with Papal Rome as from verse 31. See GOD CARES I p.295


Dr.E.Thiele in his OUTLINE STUDIES IN DANIEL follows a similar line of thinking.

Also I have found a similar line by Dr.Bill Shea in his latest book DANIEL.

The point of clarification is that under one symbol referring to Rome we have its two phases Pagan part and Papal one. In Daniel 8 both Roman parts are under the LITTLE HORN and here in Daniel 11 under the KING OF THE NORTH.

However not all agree on the point where Pagan Rome develops into Papal Rome in Daniel 11 But one thing seems to be clear when reading various authors dealing with this part of Daniel that by the time we reach Daniel 11:40 it is well established that the King of the North is Papal Rome and should be treated as such till the end, vs.45

When we are ready to accept this we can pay more attention to what we are dealing with in Dan.11:40-45



The text reads in vs.40 that in the time of the end………. (NKJV) Which point of time in history could we have here in prophetic terms?

With confidence we may say it points to the time of 1798. SDA bible commentators do agree on this point and we find this also by Ellen G.White in her book GREAT CONTROVERSY, pp 267-9


Other end time signs took place around the same time, as signs in the Sun and Moon and the Great Earthquake of Lisbon

It takes us also to the time of the French Revolution. Did the French Revolution have anything to do with Papal Rome? Is it possible that this fits the description of the king of the South shall attack him (King of the North).


In the times before the cross (OT) Egypt is frequently called king of the South being located south of Israel. We also know Egypt from the time of Israel’s deliverance out of Egypt’s slavery. At that time Egypt was a God defying nation, completely denying the God of Israel, a kind of Atheism.

The French Revolution is prophetically mentioned in Rev.11 two symbols are used, a beast from the bottomless pit making war against the Word of God and also under the

names of Sodom and Egypt spiritually, (vs.7and 8)


In the book Great Controversy p.267-9 we find this applied to the French Revolution by Ellen G.White,

We are on solid ground if we say that here in Dan.11:40 the French Revolution under symbol of King of the South is in action against Papal Rome under symbol of him being the King of the North. We may also say that in Daniel’s terms we have the same picture as in Rev.13:3 where the beast (Papal Rome) receives a deadly wound. Who inflicted the deadly wound? History confirms that as a result of the French Revolution Papacy lost its power and the Pope was taken captive and died in captivity.

But we also find that almost with one stroke of the pen as in Rev.13:3 the deadly wound is healed. Daniel does something similar with his pen and writes:  and the King of the North shall come against him like a whirlwind.  This is saying the same as in Revelation that the wound will be healed. A counter attack would take place. It is all in one verse.


But as in other prophetic writings in the scriptures time must be given to develop such an event. A classic example is Gen.3:15 two major events in one sentence, but in between a long stretch of time.

Between the giving of the deadly wound or the attack by the King of the South, in 1798, and the healing of that wound later, there is a stretch of time.  The wound occurred at the end of the 18th century, but it would take about another 200 years before we would see clear signs that the wound is in process of healing. Clearer even than what took place in 1929 which may have been the beginning of the healing of the wound.

When Mussolini restored certain Papal rights, which it had  lost in the French revolution, Papacy did not gain at the same time its popularity as seen 60 years after 1929.


But let’s go back to the French revolution. History tells us that the teachings of the revolution did not die with the end of the French Revolution. Others took its principles and developed them into a worldwide program. It became the Marx/Lenin program/manifesto for world communism. This started in the middle of the 19th century. It took firmly hold in the Russian Revolution of 1917.

This became a worldwide movement in disseminating these teachings of the revolution via atheistic evolutionism. At one time this covered about 70% of the world, not only in countries governed by communism but also in western or semi western countries. Notice Ellen G.White in her book Education p.228

At the same time anarchy is seeking to sweep away all law, not only divine, but human. The centralizing of wealth and power; the vast combinations for the enriching of the few at the expense of the many; the combinations of the poorer classes for the  defence of  their  interests and claims; the spirit of unrest, or riot and bloodshed; the worldwide dissemination of the same teachings that led to the French Revolution – all are tending to involve the whole world in a struggle similar to that which convulsed France


Most of us have seen this taking place after WWI in Russia, becoming the Soviet Union and after WWII expanding into many countries around the globe. What happened to Papal Rome through the French revolution has taken place again. Through communism Papacy has suffered much from communism.


But Papacy, King of the North, would make a counter attack like a whirlwind. The events of the late 1989/1990 have taken place almost literally like a whirlwind. Some news writers have used the exact term for the fall of the Wall of Berlin. The USA government in combination with Papal Rome have played a major role in these events. Not only regarding the fall of Berlin’s wall but the fall of the Soviet Union and global communism as well. The popularity of Papal Rome became a strong rising star and a voice to be listened to worldwide. Most of us will remember Time magazine’s front page picture and written on it HOLY ALLIANCE. Daniel 11:40b-43 paints a picture in words how wide spread the renewed influence of Papal Rome would be. Rich and poor countries all alike would come under its influence.


There also would be a move towards the Glorious Land. Here we strike in the mind of some a problem. In pre-cross (AD31) times, Old Testament, the Glorious Land stood for national Israel. Jer.3:19; Ps.87:3; Dan.11:16. But some think that when the same term is used in vs.41 it should apply to the USA-America. For these people America may be the glorious land and we won’t dispute that. Others may think the country of their living is a glorious land. But is that in harmony with the Historicist Christ Centric interpretation as we have mentioned here above in this paper? According to that principle the NT church continues OT Israel and becomes the Glorious Land.

Remember what Christ said about Israel in His time by way of his parable in Matth.21:33-43. Their Kingdom would be taken away. Further in ch.23:38 your house will be left desolate. In ch.21:13 Jesus called it first My house, but now it has become your house. Even the state of modern Israel of today is not God’s house, it is their house.


Dr.J.Doukham of Andrews University in his book SECRETS OF DANIELp.176 writes regarding Da.11:40/41 historically, it means that the politico-religious power will triumph over the atheistic and political movements. During the heat of action, attempts will be made against the people of God.


Some saw the fall of communism, (Daniel’s King of the South); already years before it took place, like George McCready Price in his book TIME OF THE END.

According to what we read in Daniel11:41 not all will fall under the influence of the papacy. Some will escape, symbolically under the name of Edom, Moab and Ammon. Does this refer to God’s faithful remnant? Or could we apply here Hosea 1:10 that some who were not God’s people will be of God’s people for reason of salvific divine grace?

(Read my separate study on Daniel 11:41)


I like to mention that not all translations are the same in regarding to what follows after the glorious land in vs.41a. According to some translations it could mean that a number of God’s people would suffer physically from a Papal Rome counter attack

KJV many countries shall be overthrown (countries is a supplied word)

Jer.Bible: many will fall

NEB: tens of thousands shall fall victim

Moffatt: he shall also invade the fair land of Palestine and myriads shall be killed

Dutch N.Tr.  many shall fall

German (Luther) many will fall or suffer (die)

French ,Louis Segond same as Luther, and  using the same word as in vs.33 where our KJV reads  they shall fall by the sword, by flame, by captivity


Daniel 11:33 clearly points to the time of the 1260 years of Papal supremacy and its vicious persecution. Could it be that we have here, in 41a, a similar situation as an end time persecution, like described in Rev.12:17; 17:14; 19:19 and that Dan.11:41a is a flash-forward of what is mentioned in Dan.11:45 where Doukhan sees the battle of Armageddon. A united world in the setting of a new world order against God and His people, His temple, His Mountain. Mt.(Har).Mageddon against Mt.Zion. Ib.177-179

It is clear when we compare last day events as described here by Daniel, with last day events in Revelation to God’s people, as described by John on the Isle of Patmos in the Revelation, that the glorious land being America does not fit at all.


It was James White who suggested the idea of the USA being the glorious land, in an article published in the Review and Herald Nov.29, 1877, but without any proper Biblical reference. So we must drop that thought altogether.


According to Rev.13 the second beast being America, will set up an image of the first beast, or creating a mirror situation of  Papal Rome during the 1260 years and many of God’s remnant people could fall victim of that situation and again others escape, as described by Daniel here in 11:41a -45.


If the entering of the Glorious Land, God’s People, by the King of the North-Papal Rome as mentioned in Dan.11:41a is a flash-forward of what is written in vs,45, let’s look at it.

It is generally agreed upon by those commenting on Daniel, like Dr.Doukhan that we have here a similar description as in vs. 41a, except that in vs.45 we have in 44 the reason for this entering or attack, tidings (news) from the East and the North. “tidings” Hebrew = shemu’ôth = ‘reports’ (in context: ‘reports of an invasion’) [for this sentence credit to Dr.Eric Livingston]. Could this be the coming of the Kings of the East, whose way will be prepared by the drying up of the Euphrates, Rev.16:12?  If we are dealing here with an end time scenario in apocalyptic terms, we need to consult other end time scenario descriptions to get the picture clear.


Vs 43 ends with stating  also ………….shall follow at his heels .In other words all the nations mentioned before will follow the King of the North, Papal Rome. Does that not sound the same as in Rev.13 that after the healing of the wound the whole world will follow in wonder and worship its image, except God’s faithful remnant that will come under a death sentence?


Could it also be that as a result of the plagues poured out over the world that the world powers combined under Papal Rome are getting more furious against God’s commandment keeping people? That at such time the death penalty will be announced as mentioned in Rev.13?


We need to study carefully what Ellen G.White has to say about this in her book Gr.Controversy chapter of “God’s People Delivered”


Could it be that the united/confederated powers of the world are becoming shocked, arrested (using EGW wording), drying up as it were. The Euphrates dries up in the 6th plague, because of what they see happening in the East, the first tokens of the glorious coming of our Lord   who is  sent to planet Earth from the real true King of The North the Creator of Heaven and Earth, Psalm 48:1and 2, to deliver His people.(EGW in Gr.Contr.p.640).


Could it be that at such time the nations, who have joined  with the papacy turn against it, the papacy, seeing they have been deceived, as is described more in detail in the latter part of Rev.17 and thus the King of the North comes to his end, lonely or with no one to help or broken without hand Dan.8:25; Job 34:20


But for God’s people it is delivery time as mentioned in Daniel 12:1 the Kings of the

East (and from the real North) the glorious coming of Christ and His angels will take place to make this great delivery a reality.

Dan.12:1-3 speaks about and at that time Michal stands up. Some say this must refer to the immediate event mentioned in Dan.11:45 the time when the false King of the North comes to his end without helper. It does not have to be that way, it can also be that  we have here a flash backward or the standing up of Christ, our High Priest in the heavenly sanctuary standing up from His High priestly duties ,closing the sanctuary/temple and making ready to come down to planet Earth.

This takes place when immediately thereafter the 7 plagues will be poured out, the time of trouble as never was. By the end of the 7 plagues the glorious coming of our Lord will be seen in the heavens which will make the warring multitudes against God and His remnant to stand still, be arrested, using again EGW wording. They will see that they have been deceived and turn against their papal leaders.Rev.17:16 Also at this time the special resurrection may take place, as described in Dan.12:2

So the standing up of Michal does not have to be His visible appearance in the clouds of heaven. Their may be time in between. Again read in GC ch.40 God’s PEOPLE


May we all be found ready at that time or be among the ones to be resurrected in that special act of resurrection.


February  2006

Pastor Jan T.Knopper

Minor correction February 2009

Edited October 2010 and in

August 2013

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