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This study deals with Revelation 14 showing its different trilogies

 Scripture: Revelation 14:14-20, this is the centre of this chapter. All of Revelation is about Jesus Christ, but this chapter in particularly. Jesus with His people, The last message of Jesus and His coming in glory.

 Introduction:  In Daniel 8:13 One saint speaking and another saint unto that

certain saint.. KJV margin: Palmoni, or the Numberer of secrets or the

wonderful numberer.

Isa.9:6 His name is Wonderful, about Jesus.

Matthew Henry,vol.IV p.1080  “He said unto Palmoni that spoke”,

The Wonderful One,

The Numberer of secrets

The Wonderful Numberer.

Christ is the One whose name is Wonderful. Isa.9:6

Some authors call Him “The Mathematician”.


Christ is behind all scriptures, He is the Word, John 1:1; Rev.19:13, that

includes the prophetic part of scriptures as well.

The last book of the Bible is the Revelation of Jesus Christ, Rev.1:1, 2


Numbers play an important part in scriptures, particularly in prophecy.


The powers of darkness make use of numbers as well, particularly in astrology.

It makes people to become superstitious and afraid at times, think of 13



Examples from scripture:

40: Israel spent 40 years in the desert; Christ was tempted 40 days in the desert.

Moses was 40 days with God on the mountain, and more.


4: The camp of Israel in the desert was divided in 4 sections of three tribes each

surrounding the tabernacle towards the E,W,S & N. See Numbers 2.

4 multiplied by 3 (God’s number) equals 12 the number of Israel, God’s

covenant people of the OT.

4 gospels x 3 = 12 apostles, the foundation of the NT church, Eph.2:20


12:  12 tribes of Israel multiplied by the number 12 of the NT apostles, the founding

group of NT Israel -the Church- (Eph.2:20)  this equals 144.Rev.21:17. The

number of the New Jerusalem.

The 12 tribes of Israel and the 12 apostles, are also seen in New Jerusalem

Rev.21:12-14.  Israel mentioned in the gates, the apostles on the foundation.


Add to 144 the three zeros of 1000 and it will give 144000. This is the number

of the people living  in the time of the end, the anti-typical day of atonement.

Special judgment activities took place in the most holy place on the day of


The size of the most holy place in the OT sanctuary was a square, or cube,

10x10x10 = 1000     .


6: 6 is the number of man, created on the 6th day.

6 days are given to man for labour.

Put three sixes in a row and you get 666, the symbol number of the man of sin,

representing man’s ultimate depth in apostasy from God, his Creator, Anti-

Christ. At the same time this number is found in the name of the man of sin.


7: 7 is the figure of completion.

On the 7th day God completed His creation and rested, Gen.2:1, 2.

The 7 years cycle system in the Jewish nation.

Many times number 7 in the book of Revelation.


3: 3 is the number of God, Divine and Holy, divinity, holiness.

The triune or heavenly trio of God: Father, Son and the Holy Ghost.

Three witness in heaven, 1 John 5:7

Three witness on earth,      ib        8

Baptism in three names, Matth.28:19

Creation was a three way act of operation, Gen.1:1; Col.1:16. God created,

All is made through the Word, John 1:1-3, which is Christ and the Holy Spirit

was over the waters.Gen:1, 2

The commencement of re-creation was a three way act, Luke 3:21, 22

Jesus, incarnated from heaven standing in the Jordan, the Father speaking from

heaven and the Holy Ghost coming down from heaven as a dove.


Revelation 14 contains  multiples of the number 3 , showing God’s involvement,

thus becoming the chapter of holiness and divinity  in a special sense.




“The fourteenth chapter of Revelation is a chapter of the deepest

                 interest. This scripture will soon be understood in all its bearings,

                and the messages given to John the revelator will be repeated

                with distinct utterance.”(7BC978/RH Oct.13, 1904)


“The message of Revelation 14 is the message that we are to bear

                 to the world. It is the bread of life for these last days.”(RH Nov.12, 1903)





The multiple use  of  3 dimensions or trilogies  in Revelation 14.


Revelation 14 gives us clear insight in:

1. God’s actions and its results.

2. The sinner’s actions and its result.

3. The Christian’s actions and its result.



Three main dimensions:  A. The second advent as a focus, vs.14-20

B. A people found ready for that event, vs. 1-5, 12, 13.

C. A threefold message to call for readiness, vs. 6-11.



Three dimensions in each one of the above:

A. The Second Advent:

1. The coming of the Lord in glory, vs. 14, Matthew 25:31

2. Harvest for the Kingdom, vs.15, 16; Matth.25:34-40

3. Harvest of the “wicked”, vs. 17-20;       ib        41-46



B. Description of the people of the Lamb

1. Place where they are seen, Mt. Sion, vs. 1

2. Seen with the Lamb, Who is cause of their salvation, vs. 1

3. Name of the Father on their foreheads, vs. 1


Additional three dimensions of the people:

(1)    a. Regarding their praises: (Glorification)

I. Before the throne, vs. 3

ii. Before the four “beasts” – living beings

(Angels-cherubim Ezek.1&10; Rev.4:7)

According to 1SDABC827 a Jewish tradition states that the

standardsof the four groups around the tabernacle were, Man, Lion,

ox/calf and Eagle, same as in Ezek.1:10;Rev.4:8.

iii. Before the elders (24) the redeemed ones from the earth, Rev.5:7-10


(2)    b1. In character description: (Justification)

i. These are virgins with no defilement, vs.4

ii. These are following the Lamb everywhere, ib

iii. These are redeemed from the earth, from among men, ib.


(3)   b2. More character description 🙁 Sanctification)

i. They have patience, perseverance, vs.12

ii. They obey God’s commandments, ib

iii. They have the faith of Jesus; believe as He did, ib.

They also believe what He believed according to the scriptures.


C  Some of those who accepted the message have died:

i. They are called blessed, vs. 13

ii. They have the privilege of a well earned rest, ib

iii. Their works do follow them, ib




C. We have a number of 3 dimensions in the message, the gospel, which must

make a people ready.


The gospel is the main thing to be preached as a part of the three angels

messages, see vs.6 and “I saw another angel……..having the everlasting

gospel to preach”.


a.   i. The gospel message, contents, what is the gospel all about?

ii. The gospel operations, how does it work in a person’s life?

iii. The gospel judgment, is judgment still a part of the gospel?

(see other studies related to these questions on this website, section Revelation)


b. Christ is the key figure in the Gospel.

i. He is the Lamb, John 1:29; Isa.53.

ii. He is the Priest, atoning for us with His blood. Our Mediator and also

High priest, Hebr.8:1, 2.

iii. He is also King but not of this world John 18:33-36;

Rev.14:14; 19:11-13.

Note: In Rev.14, many references to Christ. (4 times, a Lamb).



c. The contents of the Gospel refer:

i. to sin, because sin is the transgression of the Law, Rom.3:20; 7:7;

1John 3:4; John 16:8.

If there was no sin, no need for the Gospel.

ii. to sinner, all have sinned, Rom.5:12; a message for the sinner.

iii. to Saviour from sin, Matthew 1:21; 1John 1:29

Christ the key figure.



Gospel operations relate: God’s activities:   i. Justification   Rom.3:24-26

ii. Sanctification, 1Cor.1:30; Eph.5:26; 1Thess.5:23

iii. Glorification, Rom.8:30; Col.1:27

It is God Who justifies, sanctifies and glorifies.



II.Man’s   “activities”: i. Faith, come and believe, Rom.1:17; 14:23; Eph.2:8

ii. Repent, convert, Acts 2:38

iii. New life of obedience, 1Peter 1:2

It is man and woman who must come in faith, repent and convert or turn around


III. And then by grace and faith in Christ start a new life.

Man’s activities are not a contribution or an addition to God’s

activities, so-called “faith-plus”,  but they are the fruit of faith..




There are three dimensions in the Gospel judgment:

The announcement is “the hour of His judgment is come” vs.7

I. Investigative judgment, pre-advent, Dan.8:14; Hebr.9:23; 10:30, Christ is                                                         the one Who searches, investigates hearts, Rev.2:23. Matt.22:1-12

ii. Millennium judgment, investigating the wicked, Rev.20; 1Cor.6:1, 2

iii. Executive judgment, divine retribution, Rev.20; Mal.4.1

(see study Gospel and Judgment in the Revelation section of this website)

                                The angels’ messages are also three dimensional.


Three dimensions in the call of the first angel’s message:

i. Call to fear God, vs.7

ii. Call to give glory to God, ib

iii. Call to worship the Creator God, ib


Three dimensions in the second angel’s message:

i. Name of the fallen world is: Babylon, vs.8

ii. Its status is fallen, complete apostasy, ib

iii. Reason for its fall, false teachings presented to the world, ib.

See also Rev.18:1-4



Three dimensions in the third angel’s message:

i. Not to worship the “beast”, vs9

ii. Not to worship its image, ib

iii. Not to receive its mark, ib


Punishment of those who refuse to accept God’s message is three dimensional:

i. They will drink of the wine of God’s wrath, vs10

ii. They will be tormented with fire and brimstone, ib

iii. They will go up in smoke ib





The exercise of this multiple three dimension study of Revelation 14 has hopefully

shown that the Gospel message is not a one dimension issue,’ just believe and all will be well.’ More is involved. God is deeply involved, but so are men and women.


Only believe, without showing fruit of faith is false anti  Gospel preaching  and is most deceptive. Such a message comes from the false Prophet mentioned in the Revelation.


We repeat the reformation statement,                                                             SAVED BY FAITH ALONE, BUT FAITH DOES NOT COME ALONE.




The Creator-God we worship and serve reveals Himself three dimensional:

1.   As Father-Ruler and Creator of the universe, Rev.14:7

2.   Through His Son, Jesus Christ, in Whom the Father has given evidence

of unlimited saving love towards us, John 3:16

  1. The Holy Ghost, as the divine Representative on earth and Guide,

Comforter, the heavenly Paraclete, John 16:7-14.



Faith, God’s gift, Eph.2:8 must be used for believing in God and His plan, for it is justification by faith, it is sanctification by faith and finally it is glorification by faith.

Rom.3:21-26; Acts 26:18




If we fear Him, worship Him and give glory to Him here and now,

He will glorify us there and then Col.3:4; Col.1:27.


                 “To give glory to God is to reveal His character in our own,

                   and thus make Him known. And in whatever way we make

                  known the Father or the Son, we glorify God”. (7BC979.)

Pastor Jan T Knopper

Edited September 2010

Revisited August 2013

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