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Introduction to the book of Revelation

Seven parts.

1. Chapter 1   Introduction to the Revelation.

a. Introducing Christ.

b. The setting of the message of the book regarding end time events and

the return of Christ.


2. Chapter 2, 3 Seven letters to seven churches.

Revealing the churches’ battle with apostasies, and eternal victory.


3. Ch.4-8:1      Seven seals.

a. Ch.4 and 5 A sealed book which Christ alone is able to open; sanctuary


c.Ch.6 and 8:1 The seals opened; the church’s external battle.

d. Ch.7 Answer to the question, ’who shall be able to stand.’Rev.6:17


4. Ch.8:2-11   Seven trumpets; judgment scenes.

a.Ch.8:2-9 Local judgments over the enemies of God’s people, culminating

in the final universal judgment

b.Ch.10 description of the final Advent movement, with it’s initial

experience of disappointment.

c.Ch.11 The demise of medieval apostasy and its punishment through

the French revolution, the sixth apocalyptic beast , ib.11:7


5. Ch.12-19  The great controversy with its last day events.

a.Ch.12        The great controversy from heaven to earth.

b.Ch.13        The NT church apostasy, deadly wound and its healing.

c.Ch.14         Three angel’s messages of warning.

d.Ch.15&16  The seven last plagues.

e.Ch.17-19   More detail about the healing of the deadly wound and the final

end of the three God opposing powers.


6. Chapter 20 The millennium with the investigative and executive judgment of the wicked.


7. Ch.21&22 The great controversy ended, a new heaven and earth.






Its importance.

The book of Revelation is the key for a complete understanding of the Great Controversy between Christ and Satan as revealed in the scriptures.

Activities of both, Christ and Satan, are described clearly in the Revelation of Jesus Christ.


Revelation 17 provides the key for a more perfect understanding of Revelation and the perfect harmony between Daniel and Revelation. It shows clearly how Satan tried in seven different ways, since the days of Noah, to keep the human race in deep apostasy away from their Creator-God. We may also call this, Satan’s battle for the mind

Revelation 17 also shows clearly how Satan runs out of ideas and tries an old one which will fail again, ending in utter disaster.

The following gives an impression of the great thrust of Revelation 17.



I  Relationship of Daniel and Revelation.

“The books Daniel and Revelation are one; one is prophecy, the other revelation.”



“In the Revelation all books of the Bible meet and end. Here is the complement of

the book of Daniel”.    (AA585)


“The things revealed to Daniel were afterward complemented by the revelation made to

John on the Isle of Patmos.”   (TM114).

If this true and we believe it is, then the seven heads of Revelation 17 must start with Babylon as in Daniel 2 and 7.

II Revelation 17 in the context of the book of Revelation.


a. Angel talking to John, 17:1; this connects with the angels of chapter 16.

b. The woman is connected with the first beast of Rev.13. Also with the 4th letter to

Thyatira, ib.2:18-29; the L. Horn of Dan. 7 and 8 and the K. of the North of Dan.11, in

particularly vs.40-45.

c. Babylon the Great connects with ch.14:8 and ch.18.

d. The resurrected beast is a clear connection with the healing of the deadly wound in

ch.13:3 and what is described in Dan.11:40 see my study on Dan.11:40-45

e. The seven headed beast connects with ch.12 and 13.

f. Connections can also be found in the visions of the seven letters; seven seals and

in Rev.11. For instance in 11:2, 3 the time factors 42 months, and a thousand two

hundred and threescore days, clearly pointing to the woman’s time of persecuting

the saints mentioned in Dan.7:21; 8:10,11, in that time the woman becomes drunk of the blood of the saints

g, Connections  also with the visions of  Daniel, per example Dan.2 the fourth empire

divided in ten and the struggle between church and state, iron and clay more under

‘b’ see above.



III Timing of Revelation 17.


The secret of a proper understanding of this chapter lies in its time sector.  Where in

history do we place this chapter in order to find a point from where the

interpretation starts?

We support the fact that this is a time of the end prophecy for the following five


1. One of the angels holding the 7 vials of ch.16 is speaking to John.vs.17:1

These 7 vials are last day events.

2. John was going to be shown the judgment of the great whore, ib.17:1b

Judgment to take place after 1798, according to Dan.7; see also GC 356.

3. The woman is seen in the wilderness, 17:3.She is in a state of separation.

She has lost her support. Widowhood (18:7). Deadly wound period, since 1798.

4. Her “physical” situation is in a state of drunkenness because of the blood of the

saints. This indicates the end of her persecution activities, 1798. She is drunk,

not becoming drunk.

5. The beast was, before 1798, is not, during the deadly wound period, yet is, is still

alive and recovering from its deadly wound, preparing to make a come-back.


These five points give clear evidence to the fact that Rev.17 should

not be seen as given for the time when John was alive and on the isle of Patmos.




IV  A. Identification of the beast and the woman sitting upon the beast

a. Woman indicates a church, but in apostasy – whore, an adulterous woman

This points to the medieval church apostasy, as found in Rev.13:1-10 and

other scripture passages in Dan.& Rev.

b. The beast, now separated from the woman, indicates the political aspect.

The woman became “widow” when a church -state separation took place.

The question is how that separation will be lifted. Answers in Rev.13:1-10

and 13:11-17 and further complemented in Rev.17

c. The whore (woman) still sits on the beast. ib.17:3, but is not a part of it as

in Rev.13 where she is completely amalgamated with the beast in one unit.

d. The woman is also seen sitting upon many waters, ib.17:1, 15 She still has

universal influence by way of her diplomatic government connections.

Ambassadors at the Vatican from the nations and the Vatican having diplomatic

representations with the nations.. Even with the USA, Russia and

the United Nations in New York.


We conclude that both woman and beast are “hand-in-glove” so to speak, in particular

and more so when the deadly wound will be healed completely, and when certain

religious issues will have support from political powers. Sunday law will be one.


The current revival of papal world influence

towards papal supremacy as it was before

the French revolution fits this prophetic

picture perfectly. Very clearly demonstrated

at the time of the funeral of Pope John Paul II, 2005

when the nations of the world were present in an act

of devotion to the deceased pope. Three USA presidents were

seen in kneeling position before the corpse of the pope.



B. Why three times a dragon- like, seven headed beast in Rev.12, 13 and 17?


  1. Dragon stands for Satan, ch.12:7-9.
  2. Seven headed, Satan’s complete plan of operation to keep the human race captive in apostasy away from their Creator-God since the days of Noah after the flood.. In all three chapters Satan is the prime mover or actor.
  3. Three times indicates divine emphasis
    1. in chapter 12, Satan operating through the secular power of Rome
    2. in chapter 13, Satan operating through the ecclesiastical power of Rome.
    3. in chapter 17, the mystery of the seven heads revealed and Satan’s final activities through the resurrected beast or the beast whose deadly wound was healed.


Note: Reason for seeing the “woman” not separated in Rev.13, but separated in.

chapter 17 is:

a. In Rev.13 church and state are “one”, according to E.G. White, it is the

unsuccessful mixture of the iron and clay, state craft and church craft

see 4SDABC,1168.

b. In ch.17 the woman is first seen separated from the state, in the wilderness,

through the French revolution, deadly wound, she is  a widow. She is a “widow’

because she lost her power which she had before 1798, but still sitting on the

beast and having a certain measure of influence. The beast is in reference to

chapter 13, the sea beast.

Later in the chapter a so-called unification takes place, which fails, but initially

is an image of what the situation between church and state was before 1798.



V Revelation 17 and the ten horns.


1. In Dan.2 the metal image ends in the ten toes; the division of the Roman Empire,

becoming W. Europe.

2. In Dan.7 the fourth Kingdom, Secular Rome ends in a division of ten horns, W. Europe.

In Dan.8 the ten are not mentioned, because Rome is dealt with as one unit,

Pagan and Papal Rome, because of their activities against the sanctuary. Both phases of Rome have done

damage to the sanctuary, the earthly and the heavenly.

3. In Rev.12 we meet the ten horns again as part of the dragon/beast, secular Rome.

4. In Rev.13 the ten horns are again a part of an apocalyptic beast, ecclesiastical Rome.

Papal Rome’s major influence was in W. Europe. Aiming to establish a Holy

Roman Empire This is still her aim. Vision of Pope Leo the Great.

5. The last time we meet the ten horns is in Rev.17. It would be inconsistent to

interpret the ten horns here differently from the previous ones. The ten may be representative of the whole

world because of Satan’s activities of the last days involving the whole world.


Conclusion: The ten Horns in Rev.17 are primarily W. Europe where Papacy will

regain its former supremacy in cooperation with and prepared for, by the

apocalyptic 2nd beast of Rev.13.

a. Historically the ten horns have always been applied to W. Europe.

b. The ten have always been seen as the ten tribes invading the Roman Empire.

c. They have always been seen as the cradle of the various European

nations, developing in what we call Europe today.

d. Three of the original ten had to be removed (See Dan.7:8)

e. Rev.17 shows that the disturbed relationship between the religious

and political powers of the “ten” -Europe- will be restored.

See 17:12, 13, and 17.

f. What the “ten” will do in regard to the papacy may well be a trigger for

all nations to worship the beast and “wonder after”. Rev.13:3


Note: We have no objection to include all nations in the “ten” because the

woman is seen as sitting on many waters, the nations of the world. But

the “ten” of Europe are of special interest to the woman because of its

original roots in Europe. In Vatican/Papal statements regarding Europe is often

mentioned that Europe must return to its “Christian” roots.




VI Identification of the seven heads.

A. Two statements:

1. They are seven hills, vs.9 general agreement to be the city of Rome.


2. Also seven kingdoms, political/social structures, see Rev. 17:10.


B. Before we name the seven, the following may be our guide.


1. In the combined prophecies of Daniel and the Revelation there are only seven

“kingdoms” illustrated by beast images, some have more than one beast image.

as in Dan.8 Ram and Goat, but the same kingdoms Medo/Persia and Greece as in Daniel 7

2. Taking for fact that the time from where to start this interpretation is 1798, the beginning of the time of the end

the count given must start from that point in history.

3. Also keep in mind Revelation is the completion of Daniel.

4. Daniel’s beginning indicates that prophetic history starts with Babylon.

Babylon of Nebuchadnezzar is known in history as Neo-Babylon.

Babylon’s real beginning goes back to Nimrod, Gen.10:9, 10.

5. We also like to mention that in essence there are four worldly kingdoms followed

by the fifth kingdom of stone (see.Dan.2) which is Christ‘s kingdom.

Rome continues in different phases, thus completing the seven heads. Only of

B-M/P-Gr .we are told that they have discontinued, but Rome remains until the

end. See Dan.7:12.

Note: Rome functions as:

4th kingdom   –   imperial, secular power

5th kingdom ‘-  ecclesiastical, medieval papal power.

6th kingdom     deadly wound period of Papal Rome after 1798

7th  kingdom –  preparation time for completing the healing of the deadly wound.

“8th”kingdom   – deadly wound of papal Rome healed; 5th beast”kingdom” is


Further details read here under C next.





C. Five are fallen, one is and the other not yet, Rev.17:10


1. Babylon      -Gold in Dan.2:38; Lion in Dan.7:4

fallen in 539 BC

2. Med.Persia -Silver in Dan.2:39; Bear in Dan.7:5; Ram in Dan.8:20

fallen in 331 BC.

3. Greece        -Brass in Dan.2:39; Leopard in Dan.7:6; Goat Dan.8:21

fallen in 168 BC.

4. Rome          -Iron in Dan.2:40; Beast in Dan.7:7; L.Horn Dan.8:9-10

K. of the North Dan.11:15-30; Dragon in Rev.12

“fallen” in 476AD

5. Rome Papal-Iron and clay in Dan.2:41-43; L.Horn Dan.7:24, 25;

L. Horn Dan.8:11, 12, K.of North Dan.11:31-39

First, sea-beast of Rev.13:1-10.

“fallen” in 1798 AD.


“ONE IS”   6.Rome in the wilderness, deadly wound period, caused by the French

Revolution and illustrated by the beast of Rev., 11:7, 8 being spiritual

Egypt, thus qualifying for the K. of the South of Dan.11:40; the period

in history of Atheism, Evolutionism followed by Marx/ Lenin

Communism.  This is the “ONE IS” period since 1798 and can be

viewed as “fallen” since 1991.See also GC 269. (top of page, French

revolution being the satanic power that followed papal Rome)


7. This is the final head of the prophetic beasts and

that is the 2nd, earth-beast of Rev.13 USA or apostate Protestantism being

the power to prepare the way of a return for the beast that had the

deadly wound. An image will be made Rev.13:14, 15 and power will

be handed back, Rev.17:12, thus creating a return of medieval papal

supremacy and calling this prophetically, number “eight” Rev.17:11.

When that happens the whole world will “wonder after”   as

described in Rev.13:3 and 17:13, 17

Note: In order to bring this prophetic scenario into reality a few things had to happen:

a. Communism, the worldwide opponent of Papal power, had to be removed.

b. USA had to become the only superpower.

c. Protestantism had to make concessions to Catholicism


The above three have taken place.

a, Fall of Soviet communism took place in 1991.

b, USA has since become the only recognised world super power.

c, Protestantism has made concessions towards Roman Catholicism, by going

into a Christian Coalition in 1994. Even the World Council of Reformed

Churches have made concessions towards papal Rome


As a result of the above three actions, the following can be expected to take place at a given time in future:

a. Making of an image of the beast, like it was before 1798, to be worshipped, Rev.13:13-15

b. Establishing the mark of the beast, Sunday law issued.

c. Further unification of Europe, from EU to EMU, which will fail eventually by way of an economic collapse

d. The handing over of power by the “ten” to the resurrected beast because of an emergency or a very desperate

critical situation

Politicians will never hand over power in a time of prosperity.

Then the deadly wound will be healed. The world united under papacy.

For some yet unknown factor the “EU” or “EMU” will not succeed

and help will be sought from “elsewhere”. See Rev.17:13 they “shall give their power and strength unto the

                   “The beast”..


The so-called unity of the “ten” – have one mind– does not seem to work as planned, and Dan.2:43 is again fulfilled. They will seek help from the resurrected beast, papal Rome.





VII The issues of Rev.17 for the remnant church:

1 Final war against the lamb and followers of the lamb, Rev.16:14, 16; 17:14

2.Last attack by the dragon against the remnant of her seed, Rev.12:17; Dan.11:45

3.Death degree against those who refuse to worship the image. Rev.13:15


These three issues can be seen as THE Armageddon of Revelation 16.


What will be the glorious outcome?


Rev.17:14 The Lamb shall overcome, for He is Lord of Lords and King of Kings

see also Rev.19:11-16.



The big question for all of us, not how good do we know Rev.17, in spite

of the fact that such knowledge carries weight of importance, but

HOW good do we know the Lord of Lords and King of Kings, Jesus Christ

the Lamb slain from before the foundation of the world Rev.13:8.


Pastor Jan T.Knopper

March 2006

Edited September 2010

Revisited August 2013

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