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 Scripture reading: Rev.14:8; 18:1-4


In our study of the first angel message, THE ETERNAL GOSPEL, we have dealt with:


a. Gospel operations

b. Gospel and judgment

c. Gospel challenges


We must know how the gospel operates from God’s side and the human side. We must also be aware that the gospel keeps us responsible and puts us through judgment process. Go to “Gospel and Judgement” study in this section. We must pay close attention to the challenges of the gospel in the first angel message, to fear Him, give glory to Him and worship Him. That comprises our whole being, mind, soul and body in preparation for paradise restored. 1Thess.5:23


The second angel message deals with Babylon, its fall and causes.


In our study we will deal with:

1. Ancient Babylon.

2. Neo-Babylon

3. Apocalyptic Babylon

4. Advent history of the 2nd angel message.

5. The cause of Babylon’s fall:

a. false teachings.

b. refusing truth.

6. The great city with which the nations have committed fornication. What is fornication?

7. The call to come out,

a. What does it mean to come out..

b. Can we “come out” and not being out? Laodicea attitude!

c. How to come out and stay out



To understand Apocalyptic Babylon, we must understand Babylon of old.


First reference to Babylon is found  in Gen.11 vs.1. After the flood all were of one language.

The people of that time rebelled against God in building a tower for self preservation. Read Gen.11:2-9

The tower-city was called Babel.

“But no sooner was the earth repeopled than men resumed their

hostility to God of heaven……This confederacy  was born of

rebellion against God.”  (SDABC 7a pp 1091/2)

The Lord came down confused their language and scattered them around. They found no helper in their situation.


          In the end time it will again be a confederacy and rebellion against God.

and always for self-preservation, for power, for making a name. Then also

Babylon will be “scattered” not finding any helper. See study on Rev.17.

(Read also study on Dan.11:40-45 in the Daniel section of this website)

Gen.10:8-10 Nimrod was the architect/builder along with instituting Baal worship.

Mother-child deity, see book “The Two Babylons”. by the late Alexander Hislop

Nimrod started a false system of worship in opposition to true worship.


Similar to what Daniel predicted of the Little Horn in Dan.8:10-12:

a. Opposing the Heavenly Prince.

b. Worship in transgression, taking away the Tamid.

c. Casting down the truth.

This was self exaltation, sitting in the temple as God, as later described by                                                             apostle        the Paul in1Thess.2:3, 4. Study Daniel 8 in the Daniel section.


Nimrod did his work “before the Lord” Gen.10:9

SDABC 1-275, LXX read “against the Lord”, ” in opposing God, “in defiance of    God”.  Same Matthew Henry vol.1-76:

“He set up idolatry as Jeroboam did, for the confirming of his usurped dominion.”




The Babylonian Empire under Nebuchadnezzar.

The golden-Lion like empire of Daniel 2 and 7.

a. The setting up of its own worship in defiance to the Hebrew Yahweh God,

Dan.3 the golden image, remember the image of the last days, Rev.13:14, 15.

b. Adherence to this worship by force, death degree.

c. Self exaltation, Dan.4.

d. No regard for divine warning, Dan.5.


It’s fall predicted even in the time of its full glory:

Isaiah 47 about 100 years before Daniel’s exile.

ib        :7  “ shall be a lady for ever”  self glory.

,,        :8a  “I am, none besides me”, taking the place of God, see Isa.13.

,,        :8b  “not sit as a widow, same in Rev.18:7b.

,,        :10  “Trust in wickedness and own wisdom/knowledge.


Jeremiah 50, about 100 years after Isaiah.

ib  verse:11  “grown fat”, in need of nothing. (Laodicea attitude)

,,           :24  :”striving against the Lord”, opposing God.

,,           :29  “proud against the Lord”.( The Nimrod attitude)

,,       51:44   Bel be punished, it was idolatry.

,,           :45   A call to God’s people to come out

,,           :36   Babylon will be dried up ( ib.50:38)


Self glory, self satisfaction, taking the place of God, pride, false religion, truth and sanctuary will be taking down. The causes for Babylon’s fall at that time and today.





The antitype of Old Testament Babylon.

Six times mentioned in the book of Revelation.


Rev.14:8; 16:19; 17:5; 18:2, 10, 21.


Rev.14:8    reference to Isa.21:9; Jer.51:7-8.

16:19   In the 7th plague the great city divided in three. The triumvirate breaks

up.(Rev.17:16) This is the drying up of Rev.16:12 and is like to the

drying up of ancient Babylon as mentioned in Jer.50:38; 51:36

17:5     Babylon is her name, the world in apostasy. The name is upon the

forehead of an apostate woman, indicating a church in apostasy.

18:2     Repeat of Rev.14:8 with same references. A call to come out as we

have it in Jer.51:45. God’s people in that Babylonian situation must

come out before Babylon will be dealt with in an executive judgment.

18:10   In a moment of an “hour” her judgment will come. Like ancient

Babylon came to an end in one night, see story of Dan.5

18:21   Like a millstone into the sea and not be found anymore; Jer.51:63



In the apocalypse there are two opposing parties:

Two cities:           Babylon                                     Jerusalem

Two kings:           Anti-Christ                                True Christ.

Two peoples:       People in apostasy                     The true remnant of her seed

Two numbers      Those following 666                  Those belonging to 144000

Two prophets      False prophet, corrupt gospel     True Prophet, eternal gospel

Two signs           Having a mark                             Having the seal of God

Two worships     False worship of the beast          True worship of God

Two mountains   Mount/Armageddon                    Mount Sion

Two trios            Dragon, beast, false prophet        God’s trio, Father: Son and Holy


Two suppers       Supper of the great God              Marriage supper of the Lamb


Rev.14:8 Made nations drunk of the wine of the wrath (passion NASB) of her

fornication (immorality NASB) or spiritual adultery.

Ancient Babylon made the nations drunk and reached the state of being fallen.

Read Jer.51:7, 8 and 64

NIV wine of the anger of her fornication,

of the evil of her fornication, Rev.18:2,3.

Drunken with the blood of saints – a persecuting power

Two kinds of wines offered:

Isa.55:1 Buy wine and milk without price or money.

It is between the pure unfermented wine of God versus the fermented one of the



Fornication is an unlawful relationship, a form of spiritual adultery,

unfaithfulness or apostasy, turning away from God and His teachings..


Rev.17:1-3, the one who serves fermented wine is an adulteress woman.

The fornication is with the kings of the Earth. This antitype of Babylon has

relationship with the nations of the earth. It seems to be religious-political

Woman is type for a spiritual body, either married to Christ or to the world.


Rev.12 describes the pure woman giving birth to a man-child, the promised seed.

She is mother of One, Jesus. The Saviour of God’s true and faithful people.


The woman in Rev.17 is mother of many who are unfaithful. She is the source of the apostasy The Roman Catholic denomination calls her self the Mother Church.


The pure woman is likened by a marriage relationship, Christ and the Church.

Eph.5:22-27; Isa.54:6 called like a woman; Jer.6:2 lovely woman.


The apostate woman, Babylon, has economic ties, which will be broken.

Dan.11:43 Enters the riches and wealth of this world.

Rev.18:10-15 Economic downfall, part of the plagues, nr 6 the drying up.


Propagating false teachings based on tradition, not scriptures: see in this website

list of Roman Catholic doctrine based upon tradition not the scriptures

Acts 20:29, 30 Paul warns that it would start from within.

“speaking perverse things”, or

“who will distort the truth”,  “give wrong teachings”,  “come forward with a false

message and “teach false doctrines”.

This is the falling away Paul writes about in 2Thess.2:3, 4


If ‘wine’ relates to God’s message of salvation, we are invited to buy, Isa.55:1, than unclean, fermented wine relates to the perverse things Paul is warning for, a deceptive perverted ‘salvation’ message. (See above Acts 20:29, 30)

A corrupt gospel is given by a false prophet.

The spiritual body which offers this perverted wine, must be the apocalyptic Babylon described in the book of Revelation.

It must be the body that has direct political, worldly connections with the nations.

It must be the one involved in the economics of the world.

It must be the one followed by other spiritual groups and forming an ecumenical alliance or coalition.

In this prophetic scenario we have the apocalyptic beast of Rev.13 (first one) com-

bined with the false prophet or second beast of Rev.13 cemented together with Satan’s dragon like spiritism.

A triumvirate of the last days as described in Rev.17 (See study on Rev.17 on this website.)






Israel was tied to God in a covenanted relationship.

First or old covenant based upon human promises of loyalty and obedience.

Exod.19:5 announcement.

:8  first promises ‘we will do’.

24:3  second promise.

:7  third promise

This covenant broken by a human change of worship, golden calf, Exod.32


New covenant in Exod.32, same law, but better promises and ratified by the death of Christ and His sacrifice at the cross, Matth.26:28


This new covenant also” broken” by:

a. human change of worship, introducing a bloodless sacrifice, the RC mass.

b.human change of law, second commandment dropped, fourth one changed

from 7th day Sabbath to 1st day Sunday

c. protestants becoming part of this Babylon by accepting some of these

changes. See here below: accepting the change of law from Sabbath to Sunday not restoring the sanctuary doctrine. The sanctuary doctrine is

in  practical terms unknown among protestants/evangelicals accepting its false teaching regarding the state of the dead. The

majority of Protestant/evangelical denominations do accept the

traditional teaching of an immortal soul.


Because the eastern religions also have accepted the false teaching about the state of the dead, and go along with Sunday observance, they may as well be counted a part of this great Babylon apostasy, and God’s people among them also to be called out that kind of Babylon.





From Paul Gordon’s book “1844 and the Pioneers”, pp.125-127 published by

The Review and Herald


William Miller’s ministry started 1831.

By 1842/3 more direct preaching of the time of Christ’s return and the first angel

message in connection with the judgment.

Result was a great spiritual revival.

The established churches showed more and more resistance and starting to

disfellowship  the Millerites.

Other points of rejection were:

1. Year-day principle.

2. Papacy in prophecy

3. Denial approaching end of great prophetic outlines in D/R.

4. Higher criticism and evolutionism more acceptable.

5. Preterism and futurism gaining ground and dropping the Historicist School.

This caused the Millerites to preach the second angel message by about 1844

with a direct call “Come out of her my people”.

Being against date setting was correct, but nobody could prove the Millerites

wrong regarding  the date 1844 in respect to Dan.8:14.

.In regard to the nature of the event of 1844, revealed after the disappointment,

both Millerite and non Millerite had any clue of proper understanding.





Rev.18:1-4 this is a re-enforcement of the second angel message.

1. A global enlightenment and repeat of the message.

2. Fall is announced with renewed strength.

3. Reason for fall restated:

a. Habitation of defilement.

b. Drunk of perverted wine.

c. Disloyalty.

d. Commercial wealth.

4. Call to God’s people, within Babylon, to come out for two reasons:

a. Not to partake of her sins, her apostasy in teaching and practice.

b. Not to receive of her plagues, a reward for coming out.


Not only to repeat the second angel message but “the giving of the last and three fold message of warning to the world.”(SDABC 7a p.985)




Leave completely, turn around, and move into the opposite direction.


“As God called the children of Israel out of Egypt that they might keep the Sabbath, so He calls His people out of Babylon, that they may not worship the beast or his image.” (SDABC 7a p.984)


           Read in full 2 Cor.6:14-17

Emphasize vs.17 Come out from among them and be ye separated.

Become a sanctified saint in Christ, 1 Cor.1:2



“There are conditions to meet if we would be blessed and honoured by God. We are to separate from this world, and refuse to touch those things that will separate our affections from God. God has the first and highest claim upon His people. Set your affections upon Him and heavenly things.”

(SDABC 7a p.1102)


In spirit and in all practices.


“Those who come out of the world in spirit and in all practices may regard themselves as sons and daughters of God” (SDABC 7a p.1102)




Rev.3:17 God’s complaint about His last church, the called out one.

Rich, increased in goods in need of nothing.

but at the same time:

wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked.


Israel, the called out church of the OT suffered from a mixed multitude, Exod.12:38

They were the murmurers, Numb.11:4

They are the ones who say and do not, they lack total commitment, not fully united     .   with Christ. Matt.7:21-23

Isa 4:1 may be applicable to them, Give us your name, but let us eat our own bread,

which is not the Bread of Life

Neh.13:3 mixed multitude in the days of Nehemiah.




Have a personal salvation experience. Look away from others and to Jesus

Matthew 13:24-30 No human harvest before the great harvest time.

No human investigation while God is the Judge.

The judgment of God’s people rest in God’s hand


Luke 21:34 Do take heed of yourself, not of others.


Have I answered the call, “Come out of her?” properly?

After I answered the call, do I show in my daily life that   “I AM OUT?



Rev.3:18 Have I bought the refined gold?

And the white garments of Christ’s righteousness?

And the eye salve for my eyes?


Only those who have answered the call of the second angel message and daily apply the divine remedy (of Rev.3:18) are the ones belonging to God’s Ecclesia of the end time, the remnant of  Her seed , the called-out ones..


Some important statements:

   “The Bible declares that before the coming of the Lord, Satan will work ‘with all power and signs and lying wonders and with all deceivableness of unrighteousness;’ and they that ‘received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved,’ will be left to receive ‘strong delusions, that they should believe a lie.’(2Thess.2:9-11) Not until this condition shall be reached, and the union of the church with the world shall be fully accomplished throughout Christendom, will the fall of Babylon be complete”.

“The change is a progressive one, and the perfect fulfilment of Rev.14:8 is yet future.”  (GC 389/90)


“Notwithstanding the spiritual darkness and alienation from God that

exist in the churches which constitute Babylon, the great body of Christ‘s

true followers are still to be found in their communion. There are many of

these who have never seen the special truths for this time.”   (GC.p.390).


Then in THE UPWARD LOOK page 274 after quoting Rev.14:8:

     “Individually and as a people we have a most solemn work before us. There is a daily preparation of heart and mind to be gained in order that we may be fitted to work out the purposes of God for us. The perils of the last days are upon us, and at this time we are each determining what our destiny for eternity shall be. Individually we are to form characters that will stand the test of the judgment. Individually we are to give, in the church where we are, an example of faithfulness and consecration.” (From Manuscript 61, Sept.17, 1909)


Whereas the second angel message is for the world steeped in apostasy,

it must have a remaining ,saving influence upon our own lives, who claim

to have obeyed  the call  “Come out of her My people!”


Let this be the case and daily experience for each one of us.


Pastor Jan T.Knopper

October 2007

Edited September 2010

Revisited September 2013

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