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Second part of first angel message


Scripture:Rev.14:6,7.  FEAR God; give GLORY to Him, and WORSHIP Him.


After Gospel operations and Gospel Judgment follows Gospel challenges.


If we know the operations and that judgment will follow, HOW should it affect us?


What is the divine challenge?


The ETERNAL GOSPEL is to be preached globally, every nation, kindred, tongue and people, unto them that dwell on the earth.

The gospel according to Rom.1:1-3 & 1Cor.15:1-5, concerns



Jesus Christ our Saviour and Lord as illustrated in the sanctuary, four squares

(see study “Gospel Operations“).


1.His vicarious death as a penalty substitute, the Lamb of God, Isa 53;John 1:29.

2.Price of redemption,Eph..1:7, 1 Peter 1:18, 19

3.Cleansed from sin, declared clean and justified,Rom.3:26;1John 1:9.

4.Complete reconciliation and full admittance into the family of God, new

creature 2Cor.5:18;in heavenly places  in Christ Jesus Eph.2:6.

Living in the sanctification process, 1Thess.5:23


Once this has been experienced -salvation experience- the challenge for day to day living follows. Living as being set in heavenly places with Christ, is TRUE WORSHIP. Read Rom.12:1, 2; Titus 2:11-15.

“In order to serve Him aright, we must be born of

                 the divine Spirit. This will purify the heart and

                 renew the mind and give us a new capacity for

                 knowing and loving God.  

   It will give us willing obedience to all His

                 requirements. This is true worship.”(HP372).

It does not mean attending a one hour a week programmed religious service       .


The hazards of our time are: ”Post-modern thinking which upholds opposite values to be equally true; spirituality without authority of scriptures; theistic evolution without 24-hour days of creation and a weekly Sabbath; worship as entertainment……..are only a few of the hazards exposed” (Pastor Robert S.Folkenberg in “Christ is Coming” p.9)




Fear God

                       + Give Glory to Him

                       + Worship the Creator God.


       Reason: Judgment is (has) come. (See study “Gospel and Judgment“)



The Judgment announcement is not a threat, ’chasing one out of hell into heaven’.

This announcement regarding the judgment is a matter of fact statement, making people aware of the consequences of being disobedient, as it was in Eden. It tells the people in what kind of time we are living now, it is judgment time..










Fear in Revelation:

1:7   being overwhelmed as John was.

11:18 reward to those that fear God’s name.

15:4 “who shall not fear Thee, O Lord and glorify Thy name……and worship

before Thee; for Thy judgments are made manifests”.

NASB: Your righteous acts have been revealed.

This includes God’s righteous act on Calvary.

Notice: Fear, Glory and worship all inclusive.


19:5 Praise God, all ye His servants and ye that fear Him.


1Peter 3:15 ”……..hope that is in you with meekness and fear” margin: reverence,

same in NASB.


          “Men may forget, men may deny their wrong course of action, but a record of it is kept in the book of remembrance, and in the great day of judgment, unless they walk humbly before God, they will  meet this dread record just as it stands. If they repent, and keep the fear of the Lord before them, their sins will be blotted out”.

(YI, April 4, 1905, p.603)


Fear God :”…….not in the sense of being afraid of God ,but in the sense of coming to Him

with reverence and awe. It conveys the thought of absolute loyalty to

God, of full surrender to His will.” (SDABC, vol.7-827)


Joseph and his brothers:

Gen.42:11and 31 His brothers said to Joseph:”We are true men”.

Joseph responded: “I fear God”.


true men: in Dutch: vroom – being pious

NASB: honest

German: redich – honest, pious, religious


Joseph had given evidence that he feared God. Not his brothers.


One can be ‘honest’ even be religious and not fear God,

but one cannot fear God and be dishonest.


Isaiah having a vision of God, said “woe is me”, Isa.6:5.


The vision given to Isaiah represents the condition of God’s people in the last days. They are privileged to see by faith the work that is going forward in the heavenly sanctuary.”. (SDABC vol.4 p.1139)


Ezekiel fell upon his face, when he saw the divine appearance, Eze.1:28


Have we seen the temple opened, Rev.11:19?


“Christ’s followers today should guard against the tendency to lose the spirit

        of reverence and godly fear. The scriptures teach men how they should approach

       their Maker,- with humility and awe, through faith in a divine Mediator.”(PK48)


Moses admonished God’s people:”Fear not: for God is come to prove you, and that His fear may be before your faces, that ye sin not”.  Exod.20:20


In this case fear means, be not afraid for God.


“We must not fear with amazement – with that fear which has torment, which only works upon the fancy for the present, sets us trembling, genders to bondage, betrays us to Satan, and alienates us from God; but we must always have in our minds reverence of God’s majesty, a dread of His displeasure, and an obedient regard to his

sovereign authority over us: this fear will quicken us to our duty and make us circumspect in our walking. Thus stand in awe, and sin not, Ps.4:4”

(Matthew Henry Vl.1, 363)


The fear of the Lord gives wisdom,                      Prov.1:7

The early Christians walked in fear of the Lord, Acts 9:31

Serving God with godly fear,                               Hebr.12:28






In the book of Revelation:

1:6  John’s address to God and Christ: “….;to Him be glory…”

reason: a.He loved us                            John 3:16

b.washed us in His own blood, Rev. 1:5

c.made us kings and priests.      ib.   1:6

These are the only valid reasons to fear God and give glory to Him.

Rev.4:9 and11 Heavenly beings giving glory to God, He is the Creator.

5:12          glory to the Lamb that was slain.

7:12          glory unto God, the living One.

19:1, 2   after these things, of ch.18, glory unto the Lord our God.

21:24    giving glory continues on the new earth.


“To give glory to God is to reveal His character in our own, and thus make Him known, and in whatever way we make known the Father or the Son, we glorify God.” (SDABC vol.7 p.979).

God’s law -ten commandments- is a transcript of His character.

Through obedience to His commandments we give glory to God.

This can only be done when we are saved by grace through faith, Eph.2:8, 9


Matthew 5:16 Through our works our Father in heaven is glorified.

Eph.2:10         Good works for which we have been created.



ICHABOD – The glory departed. Sin took God’s glory away.

1Sam.4:21 Pinehas’ wife in her dying hour.


      “When iniquity is cherished, there, swift and unerring, the divine judgments will follow”. (PP586.)


Worship principles must be maintained in strict obedience to the divine



Our works are an expression of character,

they glorify or dishonour God.


We also give glory to God by confessing our sins. Israel had lost a battle because there was sin in the camp. Achan was found being the sinner. Joshua challenged Achan by saying: “I pray thee, give glory to the Lord God of Israel and make confession unto Him.” Josh.7:19

Achan was too late in confessing his sins and his life was not spared.

Read also Prov.28:13 and 1John 1:9


                    “The glory of God, the perfection of Christian character,

the purpose of our life.”  (OHC 29)


Christianity in general has, in many ways, dishonoured God and marred His image.


The last message aims at reversing that situation through those who do accept that message. Rev.14:6-12; 12:17; 22:14 KJV





Worship is not just attending a one hour a week programmed religious exercise/

entertainment. Weekly church attendance is part of it. Hebr.10:25 NIV


But it is a total unreserved and dedicated devotion to God framed in honesty and integrity of character and of a renewed mind and spirit, 24/7; Rom.12:1, 2


The issues in Revelation’s Great Controversy, are WORHIP THE LAMB or


True versus false.

Honesty versus deception.


Reason: Judgment has come, time to give account.

It is a wake-up call, a global divine warning..


Get up because your flight is ready for departure to your destination.




Marriage of the Lamb or the destructive supper of the great God, Rev.19:9, 17.

This is not a threat, but a reminder, a warning, like in an airport. The

Consequences are be on board for your heavenly flight, or miss it and stay


Nobody feels threatened when the departure call is made when waiting for the

plane’s departure. So we must not be afraid for God’s warning messages when

it is time to make ready for the Lord.


Worship in Revelation.

Ch.4 and 5   Worship in the setting of the first apartment of the sanctuary.

We should see ourselves in that picture.

7:9-11     Multitudes before the throne of God.

11:15-19  Worship scene at the time of the 7th, last, trumpet

19:1-8      Worship at the end of all things.


Individual: 19:10     John being told: ’worship God’.

22:8, 9    At the end of his book he is told again “worship God“.


True worship is Creator-God worship, thus linked with creation’s memorial,

Rev.14:7 to worship the Creator-God is a direct quote from Exod.20:8-11


“The way to worship God as Creator is to observe His Sabbath in memory of His creation.”

Gen.2:1-3. (Rev.Symp.bk.I, p.257)


But the Sabbath is also a redemption memorial.

Deut.5:15 Liberation from Egypt; Rev.11:8 from spiritual Egypt, land of sin


Rest from work,            Exod.20:8-11;

Rest in Christ from sin, Hebr.4:4, 9, 10


How we treat the Sabbath and practice Sabbath worship indicates how we treat

God and worship Him in our daily life and activities.


As God is unchangeable, Mal.3:6; James 1:17, so is His Sabbath unchangeable.

If we proclaim Jesus to be Lord, then we must honour the Sabbath of which He is

Lord, Mark 2:28, and worshipping Him in an unchanged manner.


The Sabbath command is not a ‘Thou shalt not” but a “Remember”.

The Lord could easily have framed the fourth commandment like “Thou shalt not profane the Seventh-day Sabbath, but He said “Remember to keep it Holy”. It has been made holy and we are commissioned to keep it holy.


How can we forget about the Sabbath when we are told to “Remember”?


Memorials are unchangeable because of historical background which

cannot be changed, so is worship in relation to the Seventh-day Sabbath.


Divine worship is also not cultural influenced like reverence for royalty,

the Victorian age versus the contemporary age. Royalty is regarded and treated differently today. But this does not apply to our sovereign God.

God is not to be treated, worshipped, like human royalty. It must be of a higher and more elevated standard, due only to the God of the universe. So it was, so it is and will be for ever.


Rom.12:1, 2, reasonable worship consists of presenting ourselves as a living sacrifice and not be conformed to this world, but transformed in our mind. Having the mind of Christ Jesus, Phil.2:5



When God revealed Himself, it was accompanied with certain evidence of

His Majesty.


“God accompanied the proclamation of his law with exhibitions of

            His power and glory, that his people might never forget the scene,

            and that they might be impressed with profound veneration for the

            Author of the law, the Creator of heaven and earth.” ( PP309)

This applies to all 10 commandments including the fourth one.


God did not change His attitude towards us in later times. He did not change His

commandments and He did not change how to worship Him.


First earthquake manifestation at the giving of the law-Sabbath included

Exod.19:16 & 20:18

Second earthquake manifestation during the Calvary event,

Matthew 27:51, the law could not be changed.

Third earthquake manifestation, at the time of Christ’s return,

Rev.6:14-16; 16:17, 18





Our God is a great God, Psalm 46 and 48, great to be feared, great to be glorified and great to be worshipped.


a. to be feared, in His fear of deep reverence and awe

b. to be glorified, in a life of loving obedience, more even than a child gives

glory to its parents in loving obedience.


c. to be worshipped, daily, moment by moment, in action and in mind, as only a

living Creator-God in true and genuine worship is due.



Psalm 48:1 “Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised in the city

                          of our God, in the mountain of his holiness.”


Remember by accepting the messages of the three angels, we have not come to

old mount Sinai,Hebr.12:22 “But ye are come unto mount Sionand unto to the

         city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable company

         of angels.”  Rev.14:1 introduction to the three angels messages We are made to

sit in heavenly places, Eph.2:6


This was established by manifestation of an earthquake at Calvary,

and not less impressive than Sinai, but better and visible in Christ Jesus

our Saviour and Lord..


This is the content of the gospel challenge of Rev.14:6, 7


Fear Him,

Give Glory to Him,

Worship Him.



Pastor Jan T Knopper

October 2007

Edited September 2010

Revisited August 2013

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