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The Revelation, not of John but of Jesus Christ, Rev.1:1


A blessing to those who read and hear it, Rev.1:3


Encouraging statements from E.G.White re Daniel and Revelation:

“When we understand what this book means to us, a great revival among us.” TM 113

“If  half awake and realize the nearness, a reformation would take place, and more would believe the message”. ib.118

“Read Revelation in connection with Daniel. Teach these things”. ib.115

“The things revealed to Daniel complemented by Revelation .These books should be carefully studied.” ib.114

Result will be a different religious experience. ib.114



Chapter 1: Faithfulness will be rewarded

2: Christ’s kingdom will come, will fill the world and will be forever.

3: Christ is with us in the hour of temptation, when the image is set up.

4: We cannot boast, be arrogant and get away with it.

5: The divine hand has the last word in the world

6: Christ will send His angel in the hour of “fear”.

7: Christ, the Son of man, in judgment and favouring His saints.

8: Christ and His sanctuary desolated and restored.

9: Christ as the Messiah and His work for salvation.

10: Christ coming to the rescue and to break the power of the prince of Persia,       Satan. (21 days)

11, 12: Christ’s final work in the deliverance of His people.


Speaking about Daniel, Jesus said: (“whoso readeth, let him understand 😉

Matthew 24:15


“Daniel and Revelation to be studied in connection with the words:

Behold the Lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the world ’.” GW148


This means study in the light of the sanctuary, Christ in His sanctuary.

Rev.1:12, 13 amidst the candlesticks

4&5       sanctuary first holy place scenes

6:9         altar of sacrifice

8:3         altar of incense

11:19       second, most holy  place

15:5         temple opened

8         temple closed


Purpose, to show his servants things which must shortly come to pass, ib.1:1


What do we look for, contemporary events and try to fit them? Or do we look for Jesus and how He is revealed in all what He is and does and will be regarding His glorious victory and return?


What is our focus in order to create revival or a different religious experience?

Clean woman or a harlot?

Lamb or beast?

Lion of Judah or the dragon?

Christ or anti-Christ?


Genesis informs us how paradise was lost because of disobedience. Revelation shows us how paradise can be regained by grace through faith and obedience as the fruit of grace.


Jesus Christ in the book of His revelation:

Chapter  1   In His sanctuary

2,3 His seven letters (internal)

4,5 More about His sanctuary

6    He opens the seven times sealed book (external)

7    His victorious people

8,9 His seven  executive judgments

10   He shows the sealed book which is now opened

11   Receiving His kingdom

12   His controversy with the powers of rebellion

13   He was slain before the foundation of the world

14   His last message and second coming

15   He closes the temple, probation is ended

16.  He will come like a thief

17   His battle with and victory over the nations

18   His opponents will not prevail

19   He is the conquering Rider on the white horse

20   With His saints He judges the wicked

21   His bride, New Jerusalem with its inhabitants

22   His coming will be quickly and is sure.


Numbers regarding the contents and the message of Revelation:

Numbers  2, 3, 4, 7 and 12. frequently appear.


Number  2:


2 powers : Lamb, 29 times mentioned , versus  “beast” 9 times mentioned

2 types of worship; Creator-God worship, 14:7, versus counterfeit worship 13:8; 14:9

2 cities; Babylon, the fallen city of this world 14:8; chs.17, 18

Jerusalem, the eternal city of heaven, future capital of planet Earth, Rev.21

2 groups of end-time people:

One group identified by the number name of 144.000, ch.7 & 14; 1

The other group by the number name 666, 13:18

2 developments: One group will go from good to better (the just) 22:11

The other group from bad to worse (the unjust)    ib.

2 mountains for being gathered together; Mount Sion 14:1

Mount (H)Armageddon, 16:16

2 women, one clean being the church of God, 12:1

the other one polluted as a prostitute and in deep apostasy, 17:1-4

2 rivers, the Euphrates which will dry up, becoming useless for giving support, 16:12

the river of  life giving support throughout eternity, 22:1-5

2 seas, sea of glass for those who have gained the victory in Christ 15:2

lake or sea of  fire for those who have failed to gain the victory in Christ, ch.20

2 suppers, marriage supper of the Lamb for the faithful, 19:9

supper of  the Great God for the unfaithful, 19:17

2 harvests, harvest for God’s kingdom, 14:14, 15

harvest of  the wrath of God for the wicked, 14:19

2 deaths, first death and second death, ch.20

First one is for all

Second one for those condemned to eternal damnation

2 books, book of life with the names who will be saved, 3:5; 13:8; 17:8; 20:12, 15

21:17; 22:19, (7x)

other book with names of those who are condemned, 20:12

2. resurrections, first one, 20:5, second one 20:13-15


Number  3

a.3 angels of chapter 14 with God’s message of salvation, the everlasting gospel,6-12.

Versus 3 unclean spirits, devils or false angels calling people together for the final

battle of destruction, 16:15

b.3 in God’s heavenly trio (three): Father, Son and Holy Spirit ,

versus the earthly trio (three): dragon, beast and false prophet.16:13,14


c. Three heavenly calls for true worship, 14:6, 7:1. fear God,

2. give glory to God

3. worship the Creator-God.


Number  4:


Four beings (beasts) around the throne of God, like lion, calf, man and eagle, 4:6

Four horses of chapter 6.  white, red, black and pale.

Four angels, on the four ‘corners’ of the earth, holding the four winds, 7:1   Water,




Four sides of the New Jerusalem, 21.


Number   12:


12 stars on the crown of the woman of chapter 12:1

12 tribes of Israel are sealed. chapter 7

12 gates of New Jerusalem, 21:12

12 angels at the gates,     ib

12 names of Israel on the gates, ib.

12 foundations with the names of the 12 apostles, ib.:14

12 precious stones on the foundations, ib.:19, 20

12 pearls of the gates,   ib.:21

12×12=144 the measure of the wall of the city, ib.:17

12 monthly fruits from the tree of life, 22:2


Number   7:


7 Spirits.1:4

7 stars in the right hand of Christ, 1:16

7 angels of the seven churches, 1:20

7 candlesticks, the seven churches, 1:20

7 letters to the seven churches, 2&3 (internal events)

7 times  “I know thy works”,2&3

7 victories proclaimed, 2&3

7 lamps, 4:5

7 seals of the sealed book, 5:1

7 horns and eyes of the Lamb, 5:6

7 seals opened by the Lamb, 6 and 8:1 (external events)

7 trumpets, 8:2 –ch.11) (judgment events)

7 thunders, 10:3, 4

7 angels coming out of the heavenly temple, 15:6

7 golden vials holding the wrath of God, 15:7

7 plagues from heaven, 16

7 seven heads of the beast in chs.12, 13 and 17

7 mountains upon which the beast sits, 17:9

7 blessings or beatitudes, 1:3; 14:13; 16:15; 19:9; 20:6; 22:7, 14

blessed the one who reads or hears this book

blessed the one who dies in the Lord

blessed the one who watches and keeps his/her garments

blessed who is called to the marriage supper of the Lamb

blessed who has part in the first resurrection

blessed who keeps the saying of this book

blessed who has his/her robe washed and is obedient

7 no-mores, 21:1, 4, 4, 4, 4, 22:3, 5

no more sea

no more death

no more sorrow

no more crying

no more pain

no more curse

no more night (in the city)

Pastor Jan T.Knopper,

February 2003

Reviewed January.2004

Edited September 2010

Revisited August 2013

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