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This study deals with the first angel message challenge to worship the Creator God.


Scripture reading:  Revelation 4:9-11 worship in heaven.

14:6, 7   worship challenge for people on earth.


In heaven God is being worshiped as Creator, Rev.4:11

people on earth are challenged to do the same.


In heaven they believe in creation, why should we on earth believe in evolution?




Napoleon said:” There are only two forces in the world – spiritual force and material force – , and

spiritual force always wins”.   (SEP 23)


He also admitted that he had lost and Christ had won,


Collapse of communism confirms Napoleon’s statement.

For 70 years atheistic communism tried all and everything to

eradicate God and the Bible from among people,

but without success


However there are two spiritual forces in the world operating, the genuine and the counterfeit. Like in the beginning, Abel practiced true worship and Cain a counterfeit.


On which side will we be found when finally these two competing forces come out in the open and in war with each other? (Rev.12:17)


What are our worship practices in view of the nearness of the final outcome?


Archbishop William Temple of Canterbury:

The world will be saved by only one thing, and that is worship”. (SEP 49)


But what kind of worship will save us?


The current world’s slogan is: NEW WORLD ORDER.


But what kind of NEW WORLD ORDER?


Revelation reveals two triumvirates:

The three angels of Rev.14:6-12 calling for true worship of the Creator-God


false worship of Rev.14:9 under guidance of three unclean deceiving Spirits

as mentioned in Rev.16:13


Both are in the business of gathering and calling people together.



Spiritual values around us in decline:

     “Post-modern thinking, which holds opposite values to be equally true; spirituality without the authority of Scripture; theistic evolution without 24 hour days of creation and a weekly Sabbath; worship as entertainment; and apparitions of Mary with supposed messages from heaven….” (Christ is Coming, Foreword)



Occultism means the influence of spiritism in one form or another. Unity in diversion or pluralism means one can belief what he wants, as long as he believes in God and loves Jesus.

Some are calling this modern day minimalism, belief the minimum. This leads to ecumenism with all practicing any kind of religion under one umbrella of so-called unity.


How much is influencing us individually and our personal worship of God?

How much is distorting our inbuilt drive to worship shich we received by creation?


“Across the face of the globe, in every time and place, men and women have wondered what God is like.

Because we all have within us a God-hunger, a restless longing after Him that He put there when he made our first parents in His image(Gen.1:26,27) We all try to imagine God. But we end up making God after our own image, just like ourselves. (Rom.1:23)” (BHG 7)





This inbuilt “God-hunger” drive for worship may be called the inner compass to heaven.

Do we keep it in tune, like a piano it needs to be kept in tune and re-tuned from time to time. What is our spiritual tuning fork?

Many have destroyed the compass like the man in the dessert, and he perished.


The captain of an ocean liner checks from time to time if his ship is still on course towards its destiny. I have seen this while sailing from Holland to Africa

So we must check our spiritual voyage from time to time to see if we are still on course to our heavenly destination.

The captain does not destroy the instruments when he discovers a slight move to be of course. He changes the course of the ship and brings it in harmony with the instruments.

Our instrument, to keep us on course to heaven, is the scriptures, the Word of God


Many follow wrong directions and thinking they are sailing towards heaven but are not on the right course, but in opposite direction.


Jesus said worship must be in Spirit and truth, John 4: 23

God’s Word is the Truth, John 17:17

Christ is the Truth, John 14:6

All true worship is and must be tuned after God’s Word and Christ.


Satan has tried seven-times-over to divert the people of planet Earth, away from God’s Word and Christ. Babylon- Medo/Persia- Greece- Pagan. Rome- Papal.Rome- MODERN and POST MODERN THINKING inherited from the French Revolution. – POST COMMUNISM ERA so-called NEW WORLD ORDER planning.

In all this Satan failed. Currently he is secretly preparing the making of an image of the past. Trying to heal the wound inflicted on the first beast of Rev.13:1-10


(To learn more about this read THE THIRD ANGEL MESSAGE in this section)


The first beast-power of Rev.13 looks very worldly and persecutes the saints. It uses

governmental power to enforce its religion or type of worship

The image being made by the second beast of Rev.13 will be of a similar nature, enforcing counterfeit worship by law under threat of a death penalty.






       What is worship? To give honour, glory and our allegiance to our

          Creator-God, Who only has the right to receive such worship.


We should be involved in three worship practices.



Our tuning fork, the scriptures, use it on a regular even daily basis.

Prayer and Scripture.

“When we allow God to be at the centre of our lives, we ally ourselves with the most powerful force

in the universe – one that never knows failure.” (POT 55)


This is by     prayer and searching the Scriptures

1Thess.5:17 pray without ceasing and be in tune with God moment by moment.

John 5:39     search the Scriptures on a daily basis, set your own time.


Let Christ be your Saviour and Lord (Ruler)

Acts 2:36 God has made Jesus (Saviour), both Lord and Christ (The Messiah). Therefore we must have an individual Saviour/Lord relationship with Christ.


“The purpose of prayer is not to get men’s will done in heaven, but to get God’s will

done on Earth.”   (PBT 26)

Remember in the Lord’s Prayer “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”.


In a true salvation experience self disappears. From our own self we can do nothing. But we “can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth us”. Phil.4:13

This was Christ’s attitude, John 5:30 that is why He also was in need of prayer-worship. “The strength of Christ was in prayer.”(SD136)

Matth.14:23 He went up to pray.

On Earth Christ, in His human nature, He reached out for strength, grasping the hand of the Infinite

So with us: The very first out breathing of the soul in the morning should be for the presence of

Jesus.”(MLT 15)  The last before we fall asleep at night also.

Develop a well disciplined and regulated individual worship life.


(To learn more about the importance of the Bible, go to GENERAL section of this website and read about THE BIBLE)





For two reasons:

a. To create a spiritual family base, centre.

b. Passing on the torch of truth to the next generation.


OT custom was to establish an altar; gather the family/household daily around that altar; for worship and religious teaching.


Gen.8:20  Noah

,,    12:7   Abraham

,,    18:19 for teaching


OT Sanctuary: Morning and evening sacrifices which was Israel’s daily call to worship


Have Sabbath opening and closing family vespers worship.


Let the father be the priest and the mother be the teacher.


“Next to God, the mother’s power for good is the strongest known on earth.” (AH 240)


Jesus was trained and taught by his mother, see DA 70.

Timothy was trained by his mother, 2Tim.1:5


What influence does your family life/worship have over your children?

It can and must start even before birth.


Are you passing the torch of Truth to your children?





Sabbath is a day for corporate worship.

Coming together for worship.Hebr.10:25 not to forget


Sabbath is a sanctified day, from sunset to sunset.


Sabbath is a gathering for worship, not for social entertainment.

It must be for corporate worship, with a focus on God, not on the program.

Not to be pleased religiously and emotionally but to please God.


Jesus went, as His custom was, Luke 4:16

Paul sought fellowship for worship on Sabbath, Acts 16:13

The focus is on God not the program.

The Lord is in His holy temple”, Hab.2:20



We cannot worship a Creator-God and do this on a day different from the Memorial Day to God’s creation, the Seventh-day Sabbath. Not on a first day of the week.

According to Ex.20:8-11, the fourth commandment, the Seventh-day Sabbath reminds us of God being the Creator. It starts with remember thus reminding us not to forget the 7th day Sabbath. The 7th day Sabbath is not nailed to the cross, but still to be remembered. Hebr.4:9 there remains a Sabbath rest for the people of God Sabbath is from the Greek sabbatismos keeping of the Sabbath, refraining from labour.

On the Sabbath we can remember three things of God’s salvation:

  1. We remember how God has created us; we owe our life to Him.
  2. We remember how Christ rested in his grave on the Sabbath

3    We remember the rest from sin through Christ’s death, our salvation


Also it is very difficult to worship a Creator God and at the same not to believe in the biblical record of origins, the six days week of creation and to accept a theory of origins different from Genesis 1-11.


Worship goes hand in hand with obedience. It is very difficult to say I worship God and at the same time go it your own way. Jesus emphasizes this in Matth.7:21-23.

Many people will say in the Day of Judgment that they have done great things for God and calling Him Lord, while in reality they have been practicing iniquity.

To call Jesus Lord must mean to have Him as the ruler of our lives and be subject to Him. To be subject to Him must mean to love Him and do His commandments

See John 14:15; 15:10, 14; 1John2:3. 5:2, 3


True worship of a Creator-God also means to render Christian service to others. Read carefully Matth.25:31-46.


This call to worship as part of the first angel message comes to the world in the time of judgment, the last days before Christ appears in the clouds of heaven and coming in glory. That will be in a time where atheistic evolutionism is flourishing globally,

and where false preaching is universal that keeping the commandments of God is legalism and thus condemned. Where people preach and believe that God’s law was nailed to the cross is the preaching of the false prophet.

Also in a time where people instead of serving one another are very much self centred.

2Tim.3:1-5 lovers of their own selves…lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God

even under a cloak of religion having a form of godliness but not real or genuine.





Worship the final issue on planet Earth.

Which side will we be on?

We fortify ourselves by: Individual worship.

Family worship at home.

Corporate worship in the church.

Rendering true worship in obedience and acceptable

service to others.


Source for worship: prayer



We close this study with quoting the apostle Paul in Rom.12:1 (NASB version)

Therefore I urge you, brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service of worship.




Key to abbreviations:

POT= Passing on the Torch

SEP= Secret of Effective Prayer

BHG=EGW,Behold His Glory

PBT= Prayer Basic Training

SD =EGW Sons and Daughters

AH =EGW Adventist Home.

MLT=EGW My Life Today


P.S For more on this subject turn to REVELATION section of this website and read    GOSPEL CHALLENGES.



Pastor Jan.T.Knopper

January 1991

January 2008 (revised)

Edited September 2010

Revisted August 2013

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