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About God I

In the first Bible teaching we discussed the Bible and its importance for instruction and learning in righteousness, read again 2Tim.3:16, 17. In this lesson and the next we deal with God. Who is God, what is revealed about God, what we can know about the nature of God.


We can only answer these questions as far as we have been informed by revelation from God and through the writings of His prophets in the Bible. What is not revealed we cannot talk about and we must not speculate, Deut.29:29.  Pray to God before you read each lesson.


The Bible starts with God.” In the beginning God” Gen.1:1. The existence of God is not argued about but stated as a fact. Hebrews 11:6 says if we come to God we must believe that He exists. Faith does that for us and without faith we cannot please God, Hebr.11:5 The Bible does not try to give evidence for God’s existence and for that reason the atheist says there is no God, but that is foolish, Psalms 14: 1.Absence of evidence does not mean evidence of absence. The Bible takes us to nature and the universe around us to show the works of God. Exod.20:11; Isa.40:26 and Ps.19 Nature and the universe are taken as signs for God’s existence.

Another sign of God’s existence is that He has revealed to us that He knows exactly the end from the beginning, Isa. 44:7; 48:10. For that reason Bible prophecy is very important to know as proof that God really knows the end from the beginning. No one else in histor y has ever been able to counteract that. Many have tried but failed. (Notice Daniel and Revelation

studies on this website)


But there is more about God. We have to think in terms of “three”, not that there are three Gods. But the concept of God is expressed in three revelations of God. We talk about God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit; these three are one and called to be One God. Deut.6:4.God is a divine group of three.


We will first, in this lesson talk about God the Father. Jesus taught us to pray to God as Father. Matth.6:9; Luke 11:2

Jesus himself prayed to God as Father, Matt. 26:39 In Jesus’ prayer of John 17 several times He addresses God as Father, 17:1, 5, 11, 21, 24, 25. Father is to be seen and understood as a title of God or in the sense that He cares for us as a human father cares for his children. God as Father is not as a human with biological organs to procreate children. God does not need that; He creates by His word, Ps.33:6-9. The One Jesus addressed in the garden of Gethsemane as Father, Jesus addressed on the cross as God, Matth.27:46 “My God, my God…. In both cases Jesus spoke to the same. But still on the cross a few moments later Jesus used the word Father again, Luke 23:46


The question is raised, is God a Person? We have to be careful how we answer, because the answer is both YES and NO. God is not a person as we see ourselves and others around us in spite of the fact we are made after His image, Gen.1:27. Let’s start in the beginning and see what God is like. We learn that God can speak, He said and He talked, Gen.1:3, 5, 6, and 8. In Gen.3:8 we read about the voice of God. In the Psalms we read many times that the writer asks for God’s ear to hear. Ps.54:2; 55:1; and in Dan.9:18. So God has a voice to speak and an ear to hear. What about eyes? 2Chron.16:9 speak about His eyes and what they do. In Psalms 34:15 His eyes are upon the righteous.

God sees us and does watch us. We read even about the apple of His eye in Deut. 32:10 and Zech.2:8 In Psalms 94:9 the question is raised, He that planteth the ear shall He not hear, He that formed the eye shall He not see?

What about God’s hands? Gen.1:26; 2:7, 21, 22; Ps.100:3; 139:14, 15 in these scriptures we read that God has made us, which needs hands to do it. Read also Isa. 45:12 and 48:13 about God’s hands. It even mentions His right hand.

And what about God’s feet. Read 1Chron. 28:2; Ps.99:5; 132:7; Isa 66:1 and Lam.2:1 in the English Bible it speaks about God’s footstool, but the Dutch Bible adds “of His feet”.


Now does this all mean that God would be a visible person as we are visible? No. In Exodus we find Moses asking to see God, His glory, 33:18 and the answer is in vs 20 “There shall no man see me and live” But God told Moses “Ye shall see my back parts”, Ex. 33:22, 23 and Moses’ eyes would be covered with God’s hand.


In John 14 we read that Jesus tells his disciples that he is returning to his Father. Philip asks “Shew us the Father” and Jesus answers “He that hath seen me hath seen the Father” John 14:1-10. Jesus was made flesh to show the glory of the Father, John 1:14 Jesus was the express image of His person, the person of God, Hebr.1:3 or as another translation reads “He is the radiance of His glory and exact representation of His nature”. One day Jesus will show us the Father, read 1 Tim.6:16. God’s glory is His character.


We will stop here and continue in the next lesson about God. Make sure you have read all the given scripture references in your Bible.


Pastor Jan T Knopper

Reviewed October 2013

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