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About God II


In the previous lesson of BIBLE TEACHINGS MADE PLAIN we discussed about God as a complex unity of Father, Son and Holy Ghost or The Heavenly Trio also called the Trinity.


We went through a number of scripture passages and discovered some physical aspects of God, like eyes to see, ears to hear, mouth or voice to speak, hands and feet to use. Read also 1Peter 3:12. We must be careful how literal we view this. In the Bible we discover three levels of intelligent existence. The first and highest is God, the heavenly Trio, and then there are angels, later we will study about angels, and on the third level we have humans, made lower than the angels, Psalm 8:4-6. (Please turn to your Bible and read all scriptures references). In all three levels we discover physical aspects as mentioned here above, but we may have to accept that they are of different substance and they may operate differently. In the animal world we also find eyes, ears, mouth with other physical aspects, but they miss the intelligence God gave to humans. We must accept these things, especially about God, by faith, Hebr.11:1, 6; Rom.1:17, the just shall live by faith.

A human is not just a person because of physical aspects, but because of certain characteristics which reveal what the human is like as a person. We see God revealed in the Bible with personality aspects and thus we can imagine God as a person.  In this lesson we will mention some of these personality aspects of God. The first and foremost is LOVE God is love we read in 1John 4:8. This love is revealed in what He has given to us, John 3:16 and 1John 3:16. In spite of the fact that we humans have disobeyed God and deserve death, Rom.6:23 God still loves us immensely and He shows that in what He has given to us. Now we have the opportunity to accept this gift for our salvation or reject it and be condemned. God is challenging you to accept God’s gift in faith and be saved or reject God’s love gift and be condemned and perish.


God’s love is also far different from what we humans call love. We love what we like and is worthy to be loved. God loved us before we showed any sign that we love Him, read Rom.5:8 God loved us when we were yet sinners that means before we accepted Him as our Redeemer. After we come to God in faith, we may sin, but He is always their to forgive us, 1John 1:9


Moses desired to see God, but the Lord answered, no one can see me and live, Exod.33:20. However God revealed His character to Moses, Exod.34:6, 7. These are God’s character attributes and similar to what we find in Exod.20:6 part of the ten commandments. For that reason the Ten Commandments are also called a transcript of God’s character. We read in Exod.20:5 that God is a jealous God, not jealous like humans can be, because that is sin, but God does not allow that any kind of worship or honour is given to something or somebody else besides Him than to Him alone. The third and the fourth commandment remind us of His Holiness. God is Holy, His name is Holy, His day is Holy The other six commandments reminds us that God is a caring God for humans He created and that all humans should respect them, because they are His creatures, He has created.

In the Psalms we find a number of things mentioned about God and what He is like.

God is a shield, protecting and guarding us, Ps.33:20; 28:7; 119:114.Some time it may look like that God is not shielding us. But here again as I mentioned in the beginning we have to learn to live by faith. One day it will be revealed why it seemed that He has not been shielding us in certain circumstances.


God is also a God who knows the end from the beginning, Isa.44:6, 7 and 45:8, 10. We have to trust God as the all wise God Who knows best what to do, what to allow and what to prevent. Some of Christ’s disciples had difficulty in believing while not seeing, that was Thomas You can read it in John 20:27-29. When Christ revealed Himself to Thomas in shame he felt down before Christ and said my Lord and my God and Jesus said blessed are those who are not seeing but believing and that’s what we should be, trusting the all wise and almighty God, because He has created us and when we became sinners He still loved us and gave us His Son to redeem and save us from sin.Matth.1:21. But we must go back to the Psalms and learn more about God. God is also a Rock, solid, firm and can be trusted without failure, Ps.18:2; 42:9; 95:1 God is also King which shows His royalty and majesty, Ps.44:4; 74:12  He is the sovereign God of the Universe He has created and as such ask us to remember His day, Exod.20:8-11 and worship Him, Rev.14:6, 7

Then God is also our shepherd beautifully explained in Ps. 23 (read all of it) and 80:1 David was a shepherd himself so he knew what a shepherd is like and God is the same for us as His sheep.


God is also our refuge. In time of trouble we know where to go for safety, comfort and divine sympathy and empathy, Ps.45:1; 62:7.


God is also the great deliverer and Redeemer, Ps.18:2; 37:39, 40 it means He is our Saviour, Ps.107:2 read also in Isa.43:1, 11, 14; 44:6.


But God is also Judge, Who will judge the world in righteousness, Ps.96:13;

Rev.15:3 and 16:5


Dear reader much and much more can be said from the scriptures about God and you will find that when you read the Bible yourself.


Commitment question: Dear reader are you willing to commit yourself to the Creator God and make Him the centre in your life and worship Him and give glory to Him? Are you willing to love God as He loves you?


Pastor Jan T Knopper

Reviewed October 2013

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