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Jesus, part I

Second Member of the Heavenly Trio


In the previous two lessons we have dealt with God, The Father, and the first member of the Heavenly Trio, called God.


This lesson will reveal Jesus as God, the second member of the Heavenly Trio. It is always good to go to the beginning as we did with the study about God, the Father and as we will do in the future with other Biblical topics, we will trace the beginning of Jesus for this study also.


For the lesson about God, the Father we started with Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning God….” For this study we have to start with John 1:1-3. To understand this passage clearly we will unpack it point by point.


a “In the beginning was the Word” We learn from Genesis chapter one that God used His voice, His word to create and to bring things into being. For each day of the six creation days we read “and God said”. This is confirmed in Ps.33:6 by the word of God…..and in verse 9 “He spake and commanded  …” God’s voice, His word was used in the creation.


b. The next point in John 1:1 is that the Word was with God in other words the Word was with the heavenly Trio- God – in the beginning. In a moment we will find who that Word is.


c. The third point that we find in verse 1 is, that the Word was God, it is divine in nature.


d. Turning to verse 2 we learn that “the same” – the Word –“was in the beginning with God”, that is with the Heavenly Trio


e. Then verse 3 reveals that “by him” that is the Wordall things were made and without him was not anything made that was made” It is clear from these passages that the Word created all things.


The logic question to ask is ‘Who is John talking about?’ To answer that question we have to move further in John chapter one, to verse 14” The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father) full of grace and truth”.


Let’s unpack this also point by point.

  1. The Word was made flesh. Who is it that was made flesh? Rom.8:3 has the answer. We read “that God has been sending His own son in the likeness of sinful flesh”.  This means the Son of God, Jesus incarnated. He was and still is divine and became flesh. Sinful flesh does not mean he was a sinner, Jesus never sinned (2Cor.5:21) but he had a human body with the effects of sin, he needed food, he could be weak, in need of sleep and more could be mentioned.

In Gal.4:4 we read that God sent forth His Son made of a woman. We know that woman was Mary of human flesh and so was Jesus in human flesh.


  1. The next point is the Word which was made flesh dwelt among us. In John

14:8 Philip asks the question of Jesus, “shew us the Father” and Jesus answers “Have I been so long time with you and yet hast thou not known me Philip”? Jesus is the one who was made flesh and dwelt among us

  1. The following point in John 1:14 is “we beheld His glory”. Often Glory in the        Bible stands for character, God’s character which is also revealed in His name. In Exod.33:13 Moses asked that God would shew Himself to Moses. The answer is in Ex.33:21, 22. God’s glory would pass and when it passed in Ex.34:6, 7 the Lord proclaimed His character. In Rev.18:1 we read that the earth will be lightened with God’s Glory or the knowledge of God. Read Isa. 11:9 and Isa.60:1, 2 A message will go around the globe, planet earth, to reveal who God is. His name will be proclaimed and in that name His character will be made known. The powers of darkness, Satan, give the wrong picture of God so God will make sure that a message goes around which will give a true picture of God and who He is and that will be revealed in Christ and His followers. In a future lesson, of this series of BIBLE TEACHINGS MADE PLAIN we will talk about that message.

ci   As sinners we have lost the glory of God, we had before the fall in Eden,    Rom.3:23.Therefore we have to be born again, become a new creature in Christ and have the glory of God restored in us, John 3:1-5; 2 Cor.5:17 Baptism through water and the Spirit is the spiritual experience of being born again


  1. The next point in John 1:14 is that the glory seen in the Word, in Jesus, is “as of the only begotten of the Father”. This raises another question? Was Jesus begotten or born as we are?  Yes, as a human child of Mary he was born as we are, but not because Mary had been with a male. Mary was conceived by the Holy Spirit, Matt.1:20 and also read Luke 1:35 Jesus would be called the Son of God, not the son of Joseph, Mary’s husband.


So what does it mean then to be begotten of the Father? We read the same in John 3:16 “His only begotten Son”. It means His unique Son, someone special, we may even say very special. That’s why Jesus only could reveal the father, His glory and character and that’s why he could say to Philip, “if you have seen me, you have seen the Father”. John 14:9. The names predicted about Jesus in Isa.9:6 also clearly do indicate who Jesus is, “the mighty God”


  1. We go to the next point, “full of grace and truth”. In Titus 2:11 we read about the grace of God. God’s grace is revealed in Jesus Christ and therefore the Bible also speaks about the “grace of our Lord Jesus Christ” 1Cor.16:23. In the gift of Jesus, from God (John3:16) we receive grace, in other words Christ to us, is God’s gift of grace. But what about “truth” In Jesus also Truth is revealed. He is the self declared TRUTH, John 14:6. He had a delight in the law and came to magnify the law, Ps.40:8; Isa.42:21.and God’s law and commandments are the truth, Ps.119:142, 151


We conclude at this point that the Word John writes about here in John 1:1-3 is Jesus who was with God in the beginning. When we read Gen.1:1” In the beginning God”,

that includes Jesus. We confirm also that in or through Jesus all has been made, which qualifies Jesus for being the Creator, Col.1:16


  1. We will underline the point that Jesus is God, as it reads here in John 1:1” the Word was God”. Yes Jesus is as much God, as He is human like you and me. Turn to Hebrews 1 and we find God talking about His Son. The author of the Hebrews has God talking and making a clear difference between the angels, who are ministers, and Jesus who is God. Read Hebr.1:7, 8. The obvious conclusion is, that to none of the angels God has declared them to be God  or His Son, but of Jesus God declared that He is His Son, Matt.3:17; Luke 3:22


Then in Hebr.1:6 we read that God says “let all the angels of God worship Him”. Only deity, divinity, is due to receive proper worship, not angels. Read Rev.19:10; 22:8, 9 angels refused to be worshipped when John felt down in an act of worship. But Jesus receives worship, Rev. 4:10, 11; 5:14; 19:4. The last book of the Bible is the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

Moreover we read in Hebr.1:8 God the Father speaking “Thy throne, O God, is for ever and ever” and in verse 9 “therefore God, even thy God hath anointed thee”.


Yes Jesus is fully God, Son of God, but also fully man, Son of Man. He is the Creator and He has been created, incarnated in the womb of Mary.

In our next lesson we will learn more about Jesus and His character which is equal to the character of God the Father, and how Jesus already appeared in the Old Testament



Pastor J T Knopper

Reviewed October 2013

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