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Jesus, part II

The previous lesson Jesus I, ended with stating that Jesus as Creator was created, incarnated in the womb of Mary. But may be better said, that the Lord our Maker (Isa. 45:11) who is also our Redeemer (Isa.54:5) was made of a woman in the fullness of time (Gal.4:4). This happened without loosing His divinity; He remained fully God and is now also fully man. Phil.2:6-10

Son of God, Luke 1:35 and son of man, Matth.20:28. We call this the incarnation of Jesus, God in the flesh, from one existence into another without loosing the first. According to 1Tim.3:16 this is the mystery of Godliness and can only be grasped by faith and not by reason, Rom.1:17 (Hab.2:4); Hebr.11:1 and 6


In this lesson we will explore more about Jesus, His equality with the Father, the first one in the deity, which is also called trinity or tri-une God, or may be better The Heavenly Trio. In lesson 3 about God the Father we stated the fact that God is love, 1John 4:8 and which is demonstrated in God giving us His son, John 3:16 and  1John 3:16.


Can the same be said of Jesus, that He is love and demonstrates His love? Yes we can

We consider the following. Jesus declares that He and the Father are one in each other, John 14:10, 11. Then in John 14:21 Jesus gives expression of His love as the Father loves. More in John 15:12 love one another as I have loved you. Read also John 13:34. Jesus also demonstrated His love. When he was being nailed to the cross praying for those who did it, Luke 23:34. Only one who is LOVE can pray such a prayer.


David gave us Psalm 23 about God as shepherd, the God who gave (John 3:16). We read in John 10:11 that Jesus says I am the Good Shepherd who gives His life for the sheep. As God the Father gives, so does the son of God, Jesus. Go to Matt.20:28 the Son of Man came to GIVE His life as a ransom.


In Exod 34:5 & 6 we read that God is gracious and in Titus 2:11 the grace of God has appeared. In 1 Cor.16: 23 we read about the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, also in Rom.16:20.The appearance of grace is demonstrated in Jesus Christ our Lord


From the same in Ex.34:5, 6 we learn that God is merciful and forgiving. Jesus showed His mercy and forgiving to the woman in John 8 in particular in 8:11


Let’s have a look at the names of Jesus and compare them with the names of the Father. The names for Jesus as the Messiah are recorded in Isa.9:6. They are Wonderful, Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father and Prince of Peace. We will look at each one of them.


Wonderful. In Psalm 111:4 we read that God has made us wonderfully. Only a God who is wonderful can make things wonderful Jesus also is wonderful in all aspects of His life and ministry, He is also Creator/Maker, John 1:1-3; Col.1:16.


In the same text in Ps.111:4 it is stated that God is full of compassion. Of Jesus we read that He was moved with compassion, Matth.9:36 and Mark 6:34


Psalm 73:24 speaks about God’s counsel and also in Ps.32:8. Jesus in His teaching was a good counsellor. Think about His sermon on the mount, Matth.5, 6 and 7.


Then Jesus is also called the Mighty God. In the OT we learn about the might of God and about the Exodus of Israel out of Egypt by God’s mighty hand. Deut.3:24; 9:26, 29.Even the demons recognised Jesus as the Son of the most high God and they feared His might, Mark 5:7. His might is also demonstrated in His power over wind and storm, read Mark 4:39-41. No human has ever been able to show power over wind or storm, but Jesus did, because He is the Mighty God.


The next name given to Jesus as the Messiah in Isa.9:6 is Everlasting Father. Jesus always called the first person of the heavenly trio, Father, read John 17. But in this messianic scripture Jesus, the Messiah is called Everlasting Father. Jesus always claimed His unity with the Father and complete oneness, John 14:10; 17:21. We do not have a scripture passage where Jesus is directly called Father, may be we could use Gal.4:6. We are sons (and daughters) of God. Through Christ we become sons (and daughters) of God, John 1:12. But Jesus also is called God even by God Himself as we know from Hebr.1:8, 9. So what Isaiah wrote in 9:6 is very much applicable to Jesus as well. Being the Everlasting Father because of His equality with the Father, According to Eph.4:6 there is only one God and Father of all, this includes Christ, because God is one, one deity, the heavenly trio are ONE. What is said of one is said of all.


Finally in Isa.9:6 we have the name Prince of Peace. Jesus is the Peacemaker. Sin brought enmity and separation.Isa.59:1, 2 Jesus came to reconcile, which means to make peace.

God in Christ reconciled the world unto Himself, 2Cor.5; 19. When Christ was born the angels were praising God saying, peace on earth, Luke 2:14, but still ever since we have seen wars and more wars. Christ is the Prince of Peace for those who accept Him as their peace maker and Saviour and Lord for their lives. Many a man has tried to make peace but to no avail. Only through the God of Peace and Christ the Prince of Peace real peace comes to a person who is looking for peace. Read Phil 4:7.It requires a complete and full surrender to God and Christ. We also do not get peace by bringing a peace sacrifice or offering or gift to God. God has been first in giving us His son to reconcile us with Him and that will bring peace in our lives and in our heart and mind. We must accept God’s gift first.


Yes Jesus is in everything and in all the express image of God, the Father. Hebr.1:3. What God the Father is, is revealed in Jesus Christ, Son of God and Son of Man. Jesus told the truth to Philip when asked, show us the Father, Jesus answered, he that has seen Me has seen the father, John 14:9 and that is made known to you and me through the written word of God. In John 14:11 it reads I am in the Father and the Father is in Me, these two make a perfect unity and this affirms that God is One as we have learned from Eph.4:6, one and all in all. Read also Rom.8:15 and Gal.4:6.As the first person of the Heavenly Trio is Father and everlasting, so Jesus is The Everlasting father.


.In following lessons we will meet other names of Jesus, like Angel of the Lord, Michael, Archangel, King of Kings, Lord of Lords.


Commitment: Dear reader knowing that God is love and that He gave Jesus for your salvation and Jesus loves you also, are you willing at this moment to give your heart and life to Jesus, accept Him as your personal Saviour and your friend for ever?



Pastor Jan T Knopper

Reviewed October 2013

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