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This lesson will deal with other heavenly beings, the angels. In the previous lessons we have been talking about God, the heavenly trio, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Angels are living with God in heaven. They are different from humans, whom we will discuss in the next lesson; we will however find later that angels are created beings.


Again we go to the beginning where we find the first mentioning of angels, Gen.3:24 Adam and Eve had sinned and lost their place in paradise, the Garden of Eden where the tree of life is. To prevent Adam and Eve getting to the tree of life Cherubim were placed at the entrance, Gen.3:22. Cherubim is the name for one group of angels. The other group we find named in Isa.6:2, 6 under the name of Seraphim, these have 6 wings. They are the nearest to the throne of God. And after Isa.6:2 we do not hear from them anymore except in Rev.4:8 we find “beasts” or heavenly beings described with six wings and saying Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God Almighty. as in Isa.6:2 we accept the thought that they belong to the seraphim. Otherwise we conclude that the other angels are all under the name cherubim


Angels are made or created by God as we understand from Neh.9:6 and Ps.148:2-5. The hosts of heaven are the angels who dwell in heaven. We will learn later they do not marry, so we understand they are without gender God used His word to bring them about, He spoke as we read in Ps.33:6-9 and they were created Ps.148:5. In the lesson about Jesus we have learned that He is the One by whose word all is made that is made, John 1:1-3; Col.1:16.


The number of angels is in the thousands upon thousands, Dan.7:10; Hebr.12:22; Rev.5:11. Read also the story in 2Kings 6:15-17. The servant of Elisha was afraid and Elisha asked God to open his eyes and he saw multitudes of angels manifested in different ways, in horses and chariots, but they were angels Read Ps.68:17


Our eyes are closed for the angels and for good reason because there are also bad angels as we will learn later in another lesson and they can deceive us. Never, never and NEVER try to get in touch with bad angels. Those who have tried, and some have, entered into a terrible experience, because the devil can come in between and deceive us. Bad angels, even the devil can present themselves as an angel of light and we won’t know the difference 2Cor.11:14.


Good angels are ministers or messengers, unseen to us, but very real and have been experienced by people in the past and the present as well. The name angel is from the Greek word “aggelo”

( pronounce angelo)”. They minister unto God and unto men, Dan.7:10; Hebr.1:14. The name means messenger.


As mentioned before they are all  created and do not marry, have no gender, Matth.22:30; Mark 12:25


Because they are so numerous, they are also called the hosts of heaven, read Luke 2:13-15. Multitudes of the heavenly hosts and because the Bible talks about a host apparently they have a captain, read Joshua 5:13-15 Joshua had an encounter and we understand this was Jesus in a pre-incarnate manifestation who is the captain of the hosts because Joshua worshipped Him and it was not refused. Angels do not accept human worship, they are not divine, read Col.2:18 a warning against worshipping angels, and Rev.19:10 and 22:8, 9. The captain of the hosts is also called the Archangel or chief of angels, 1Thess.4:16 or as in Jude 9 Michael the Archangel which again is Jesus. Because Jesus is the captain of the Hosts or the Archangel when He returns to earth all the angels will be with Him, Matth.16:27; 25:31. We read also in Rev.12:7 about Michael and His angels and Michael in Dan.12:1These scripture passages confirm the truth of Jesus who is Micheal and Archangel or captain of the hosts.


Angels are powerful beings, read the story in 2Kings 19:35 one angel in one night slew an army of 180.000. At the time of Jesus’ resurrection the powerful Roman guard could not stand before the angel who rolled away the stone covering the entrance to the tomb where Jesus was laid. Matth.28:2. The apostle Peter was in prison and very well guarded by different groups of Roman soldiers, read Acts 12:3-15.He was freed from prison by an angel. When Peter was outside and knocked at the door of one of the believers they thought it was not Peter but his angel, vs.15.


That brings up the idea of a guardian angel we are supposed to have. We read about guardianship of angels in Ps.34:7. Sometimes we may wonder why the guardian angel did not protect as we would have desired. But here we must exercise faith in God. We can only think in protection from human affairs or danger, but God sees beyond what might happen for which He protects us. God’s ways are different from ours, Isa.55:8, 9. In Acts 12 we read about the miraculous rescue of the Apostle Peter by an angel but in vs 1 and 2 we read that another apostle, James was killed. One saved the other killed. God knows best why it happened that way


Angels carry out what God commands them to do, Ps.103:20. They are sent out swiftly to answer prayer, even while Daniel was still praying, Dan.9:20. They were sent to Sodom to rescue Lot and his daughters before the destruction would take place.

Gen.19:1, 12, 13 an angel was sent to Hagar when she was in trouble having no water for her child, Gen.21:14-19. Another angel was sent to a Roman army officer who was searching for salvation and told the officer what he should do, Acts 10:30-32

When John was in exile on the isle of Patmos he was visited by an angel, Rev.19:9, 10; 22:8. We may believe that these angels were sent by Jesus, Rev.22:16. We learn from Hebr.13:2 that some people have entertained angels unawares. I know of instances today where people had an encounter with angels and learning only later that they were angels.


Like humans angels have the power of free choice, to choose to do right or wrong, we will learn later about many who chose to do wrong and are now kept till the time of their judgment,, Jude 6, in that day to come they will be destroyed like Sodom and Gomorrah., Jude 7.


When Jesus was in agony in the garden of Gethsemane an angel was sent to strengthen Him, Luke 22:43. We may trust in the same way help from God in our day of trouble and agony, Ps.46:1, but we are not always aware of it. For those who are not in harmony with God’s will an angel may be sent to destroy that person, read Acts 12:23


Let’s thank God for the ministry of His angels and be found on God’s side and experience the blessings of angels.


Commitment: Dear reader are you willing to commit yourself in faith to God and the ministry of His angels. You need to be committed in order to experience the blessing of their ministry.



Pastor Jan T Knopper

Reviewed October 2013

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